It’s Summertime and I’m excited to share a yoga flow that’s inspired by the Mother Archetype; a flow that is grounding, gentle and nourishing.

Why the Mother Archetype? Each season, like the moon phases, expresses a distinct connection with one of the 4 archetypes of the Divine Feminine: 

  • Spring=The Maiden  
  • Summer= The Mother 
  • Fall= The Enchantress
  • Winter=The Crone 

When the Season, the correlating moon phase, and your current life phase align- you are in the energy of the Triple Goddess.

This energy is especially potent on the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on August 22nd.

So, If you are currently ovulating or of a mothering age (more Mother Archetype energy), you are in a very special time…the time of the Triple Mother Goddess. 

Like the full moon and the summertime, you’re ripe and abundant. 

  • If you haven’t started a family yet,
  • if your children are grown and gone, or
  • if you never had children at all 

You can still embody spiritual Mother energy.

The Mother brings a heart-centred energy that heightens your empathetic abilities. We channel this energy when we nurture an idea, care lovingly for those around us, -whether they are family or strangers on the street.

I invite you to connect with the bright, tender part of you that radiates an energy of safety, care and comfort – Most importantly,

The Mother shows us how to care for ourselves.

-We cannot effectively nurture others until and unless we practice excellent self-care. So I invite you to harness the Triple Goddess energy with this Mother Archetype yoga flow!


  • Sitting on the floor, bring the soles of your feet together in a diamond shape.
  • Hold on to your ankles or the tops of your feet.
  • Flutter your knees up and down like the wings of a butterfly, releasing tension through your hips. 

Breathe long and deep for 15 – 26 breaths.


Hip lifts

• Remain on your back.• Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor about one handspan from your buttocks.

• Place your arms by your sides with your palms facing down.

• Inhale and press your heels and shoulders into the floor, then exhale as you raise your hips halfway up towards your knees.

• Inhale and lower down with control.

Continue for 15 – 26 repetitions.


Legs up your Chair

• Start by sitting on the floor beside the long edge of your chair.

• Lie back, bringing your legs straight into the air, and rotate your body so that the backs of your thighs are directly against the side of the bed, your lower legs are resting on the chair, and your upper body is resting on the floor.

• Let your arms, shoulders, and head rest on the floor; arms by your side, palms up,shoulders back and down, chin slightly tucked.

• If you need something underneath your head for support, you can use a pillow or rolled-up blanket.

Breathe deeply and relax for 15 – 26 breaths or stay here as long as you like.

If you enjoyed this Mother Archetype Yoga Flow and you want to go deeper into healing with the Divine Feminine at this potent time, then I have a special invitation for you.

In 2 days, under the healing power of the Full Moon, my new course starts: Heal the Feminine, Emerge Empowered.

In order for you to know and heal your feminine, you need a direct experience of her energy. 

During Each week of the course we will explore several meditations that will give you an experience of the feminine through your body and in particular through your womb. 

You will meet all 4 feminine archetypes: 

  • The loving and nurturing Mother abundant with growth and blossoming
  • The magical and bewitching Enchantress taking us from light into darkness
  • The Wise-Woman Crone guiding us into our quiet depths
  • The Maiden, who enlivens and renews our energies for the new seasonal cycle ahead. 

And you’ll have the opportunity for a “do-over” of the important rites of passage that you as a woman deserve to have acknowledged. 

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