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Women are rich, complex, intricate spiritual and physical beings. Our bodies are so magical that they harmonize with the phases of the moon and the waves of the ocean! We are not linear; we are beautifully cyclical. Select the program to help you connect with your inner Goddess, understand your cycle, and re-energize your fertility.

Moon Goddess Yoga

Our signature Moon Goddess yoga and meditation practice celebrates your cyclical nature and explores four goddess energies through yoga, meditation, and moon charting.

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Moon Goddess Program for Fertility

Instead of worrying about your age, your uterine health, or the quality of your eggs, with our kundalini yoga program you’ll spend 30 minutes each day quietly connecting, healing, and preparing your body to conceive.


No more weird 14 day cycles...

Guess what??? I’m expecting a BABY! After doing the program for one month, I had normal cycles again! No more weird 14 day cycles. I felt like I had found the support, encouragement, exercise, information and positive point of view that I needed.


~ Elizabeth, Colorado, USA

Looking for a yoga practice that celebrates the feminine?

Zahra Haji's Moon Goddess Workbook

Moon Goddess Workbook

Inside the Moon Goddess Workbook you’ll discover four cycle-specific yoga practices that sync your menstrual cycle with the moon. Your glow will be mysterious and undeniable.

Such a gift...

I started doing the yoga postures and holding space for myself as a woman. And sure enough I came to realize that I am a part of the great cycle! The rebirth, the budding, the flowering, the closing – and the rebirth process begins again. Flowing with our moon, flowing with the changes of season. Such a gift.

~ Dee Coons

Discover the path to becoming the Healer-Woman you’re meant to be…

Moon Goddess Mentorship

If there was a way to step onto the healing path of the feminine with clarity and confidence, without committing thousands of dollars and years of your life, would you finally feel ready to claim your birthright as the Healer-Woman you are?

Coach Privately with Zahra

Need more support? Working with me one-on-one will help you overcome your biggest mental and emotional obstacles standing in the way of conception and restore the faith that’s essential for natural conception and IVF.

IVF Success Coaching

Unlock your fertility potential by working with me directly before or during your IVF process. Together we’ll heal mind, body, and spirit from any doubts, fears, and trauma so you can increase your chances of successful pregnancy by over 40% ~ that’s the success rate I see with my IVF clients even with low AMH.