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Meet Zahra Haji, the Yoga Goddess

Hello Beautiful. I’m Zahra, yoga teacher, fertility coach and psychotherapist passionate about women’s reproductive health and spiritual balance.

I founded Yoga Goddess to teach women how to embrace their bodies and reconnect with their essence, their potential, and their beautiful vastness.

In all my work, I combine the ancient teachings of Kundalini yoga with my training as a healer, therapist and coach. My unique Moon Goddess program is additionally inspired by the writings of Miranda Gray.

Whether you have the deep desire to conceive a child or simply want to reconnect with what it means to live in this powerful & beautiful feminine body, there is something here for you.

So what is a Goddess, exactly?

Simply put, if you are a woman, you are a Goddess. Yes, even you.

Women are rich, complex, intricate, spiritual and physical beings. We are not linear like men; we are beautifully cyclical.

That’s what makes us goddesses in our own right!

The connection to our bodies, our emotions, and our being as a whole is what helps us actually FEEL our goddess-ness.

As a goddess, we each have a touch of feminine mystique. Sometimes we’re vibrant with energy, sometimes sweet and loving, sometimes fiery and confrontational and sometimes subtle and wise.

It’s this whole package that makes us so powerful and fertile.

I wasn’t always a yoga teacher…

… tuned into my body and walking around with balanced hormones.

Growing up, I had accepted that it was normal to think of myself as emotionally unbalanced.

I understood that there were times of the month when I was a little crazy, a little bitchy. I was a woman, and therefore I was irrational and unpredictable: it came with the territory.

Then I discovered Miranda Gray’s work and Christiane Northrup’s books. They both explained the rhythm of women’s hormones and the ways women are directly connected to the moon phases and the seasons. I was blown away.

It turned out that I wasn’t “psycho”—I was cyclical.

Acquiring that deeper understanding of my body, my hormones, and my cycle changed everything about my relationship with myself.

But it wasn’t until November 2003 that it became undeniably clear there was a greater path for me: that of a teacher.

A Timeline of Zahra’s Story

“You Are A Teacher”

November 18, 2003

I am marketing executive and far from my usual day-to-day, I spent the evening this past weekend taking a private class with two friends by Yogi Akal, master of numerology and yoga. We did some spinal warm-ups together before moving to individual numerology readings. Though I don’t have extensive knowledge of the practice of numerology, I felt compelled to meet this master. What I didn’t know is that this weekend’s experience would be life-altering.

After analyzing my numbers, Yogi Akal looked at me and whole-heartedly said, “You are a teacher.” I looked at him and assured him that I was no teacher. Rather, I was a marketing executive who had been entertaining the idea of yoga teacher training. He looked at me decisively and repeated, “I am telling you, and you are a teacher.” The logical, account executive, marketing side of my brain was far from convinced so questioning ensued. With the same intensity he persisted, “You are in a yoga school, talking to a Yogi, and you are asking me if you should do yoga teacher training?”.

I knew, in a place far deeper than my mind, that he was right.

I signed up. Without a second thought, I signed up to become a yoga teacher. It’s been days and my mind is still reeling with the commitment I’ve made without doing any research or what I considered at the time to be any rational decision-making. For the first time in my life, I’m about to walk into 500 hours of training (and debt) for an idea I have vaguely entertained.

How Yoga Goddess Got Her Name

April, 2006

It’s April and my first 500 hours of training are now complete. I’m ready to teach my first class. My marketing background wants me to go out of the gates strong and brand myself in a way that resonates with my practice and my way of teaching. My current yogic being and background wants me to ensure the experience feels true to who I am and what I represent.

A friend of my partner’s (during my training) referred to me as “the yoga goddess”. And in a meditation one day, though cliché it may sound, these words came to me, along with a vision of a G represented as a swirl. Fearful of sounding narcissistic, I asked a friend for his opinion and before he could answer, a small, beautiful, white-haired woman approached.

She looked at me with intent and warmly said, “I overheard your conversation and I felt I had to come and tell you something. When you walked in, I gasped and said the goddess Lakshmi just walked through the door.” Willow, as I know her name to be, had answered my question. That evening, I sent a rough sketch of the swirling G from my vision to a graphic design friend. Within days my Yoga Goddess logo appeared, like magic.


May, 2007

It’s been a year since my training and my girlfriend and I just got back from a vacation together. I wanted to go to Brazil but she kept calling it Belize. Finally I said, “How about we just go to Belize?” Little did I know that Belize is the ancient land of the Moon Goddess, Ixchel – the goddess of midwifery and medicine in ancient Maya culture from Southern Belize where Ixchel is said to come from. This is where I found my shell necklace in the shape of the spiral – and once again, like magic, this necklace happens to be in the exact formation of my logo and vision.

Now back on Canadian soil, my intuition has guided me to pursue a yoga program in women’s studies. While studying how yoga can help a woman heal her body, I came across a book that changed the course of my life – The Red Moon by Miranda Gray. She reveals our womb wisdom – how to rise and fall in love with the rhythms of our bodies and our connection to the earth and moon.

With gratitude for these teachings, the Moon Goddess program was born. Through this class, I continue to honour Ixchel, and the other goddess energies that help women connect with their Divine Feminine.

Present Day

Though a great challenge and an intense journey over 12+ years, today I say to you with confidence: “I am a teacher”.


My Official Bio:

Zahra Haji is the director and founder of Yoga Goddess and creator of the Moon Goddess meditation and yoga program for female fertility. Her training includes certifications in kundalini yoga, pilates, theta healing, psychotherapy, womb blessings and reiki.

Inspired by her many teachings, Zahra created Yoga Goddess to help women connect with their bodies—spiritually, emotionally, and physically—so they can heal their period problems, preserve their fertility for the future, or create a fertile environment for conception now.

Zahra has been featured in Miranda Gray’s book Optimized Woman, appeared on Nicole Jardim’s Period Party and interviewed by Author Holly Grigg-Spall of Sweetening the Pill. You can discover more about your own feminine essence and your fertility at