Spring is here, goddesses! 🌱🌸

Now comes a beautiful opportunity to make the dreams you dreamed this winter become reality.

The Crone has allowed us to dive deep and listen to the call of our soul. With the initiation of Spring she gives way to the lightness of the Maiden to spring forth – now we can start to plan and put our energy into building the future we dreamt of over the deep months of winter rest.

Keep in mind, this is not the peak of the Maiden season, she is just getting started in her drive forth towards action. So don’t worry if you still have sleep in your eyes from the slumber of winter.

As the light increases there is a gentle invitation for you to grow, take up space, and begin to follow that impulse to charge forward. What may have felt laborious in the winter, may come smoothly and effortlessly now.

🌙🌸 The Maiden will help you recreate yourself this season.

This is not a time to overthink rather to take inspired action. With the insights you’ve gathered over the long winter months, trust the staying power of the Crone’s rootedness to let your flowers of inspiration blossom this spring.

I invite you to take out your journal or your Moon Goddess Workbook and reflect:

🌙 What did you dream about this winter?

🍀 What did you wish for?

If your experience of winter wasn’t exactly dreamlike or you wrestled with frustration or anger while trying to feel your way around in the darkness of lockdowns and isolation, it understandably may have been a struggle to decipher meaning from the Crone’s intuitive whispers.

This is exactly why I designed my Moon Goddess Workbook – to help you mine for the riches in even the most difficult part of your cycles – whether for you it’s the seasonal cycle or the menstrual cycle or even the moon cycle. It is never too late to benefit from the awareness of these ever present patterns in your body and in your psyche.

I want to help you to connect with the energy of your creative vision.

Take a deep breath right now and ask yourself:

🌸 What has been waiting to blossom in you?

🌱What do you want to nurture & bring to life this season??

When you are really clear on what you want to bring to life, you have the power to channel the potent energy of spring & create whatever you want in your life.

Your work right now is to connect deeply with what your dreams are.

Before we fully transition into the energy of the springtime Maiden, the Crone is still with us whispering through our dreams and meditations.

I invite you to tune in to these intuitive messages so you can jump start this new seasonal cycle. With the help of these feminine energy archetypes you’ll see your dreams come true with the ease of working in the flow of our cycles rather than struggling against them.

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You’ll get immediate access to special yoga sets and meditations plus menstrual-moon cycle tracking and journaling practices to unlock the healing powers of the Maiden and the Crone, so you can start designing the life you want to live.

Whether or not you feel confident in your ability to cultivate these results right now, put your trust in the energy of the Springtime Maiden to pull you toward the dreams you seek to manifest.

I’ll show you how inside 🌙the Moon Goddess Workbook🌙