Today I want to share something big with you. Something that I’ve seen transform the lives of hundreds of women. And that’s the power of a heartfelt, clear fertility intention that guides the energy of your body, mind, and spirit toward what you want to manifest.

It sounds simple. But, practiced effectively, intention really can change your life — and your fertility.

Here’s why.

3 reasons intention-setting holds the power to transform your reality 

1. Intention connects you to the WHY behind your desire.

Intention is about vision and purpose, not about hard-hitting goals or the kinds of New Year’s resolutions that tend to be adopted in January and forgotten by February.

The fertility journey can be riddled with disappointment and failure. A strong intention — one that you stay connected to by speaking, reading, or writing it out regularly — keeps you on track when you lose hope or your motivation wanes.

And because your focus is on what you want, not on what you don’t want, frequently touching in with your intention helps keep you positive even on days when hopelessness threatens. This generates and nourishes a strength of belief that can help you beat seemingly impossible odds.

2. Intention sets in motion a magic that’s bigger than you are.

Whether you want to call it Life, the Universe, God, Goddess, Source, or prefer not to give it a name at all, intention-setting really is a little bit magical.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of The Power of Intention, explains intention as a force in the universe that makes the act of creation possible. It’s an energy we can tap into to co-create what we desire.

Setting an intention activates that creative energy.

3. Intention sets YOU in motion — by providing clarity, direction, and focus.

It’s not all magic: the power of a clear intention also lies in the purposeful direction it gives you, which then shapes your choices and actions.

Intention is clarifying: you know exactly what you want and why, and this focus helps you align yourself day by day and choice by choice with what you’ve firmly stated as your soul’s desire.

In bed on a Monday morning, you may not feel like getting up 30 minutes early to fit in a few fertility yoga poses before work, but the power of your intention can help you make the choice you know is in alignment with the outcome you desire.

A strong intention also weeds out the activities, habits, and beliefs that don’t contribute to what you want. It provides a simple yardstick to measure your actions, behaviours, and thoughts, and to gently guide you toward those that will better support your intention.

I’ve created a process that we use in my Moon Goddess fertility yoga and meditation program, right at the beginning, to set an intention from a place of deep connection with your heart and your desires. An intention that will be potent and specific to YOU.

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