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Over the past 2 weeks we’ve explored 3 contradictions of being on the fertility journey during the coronavirus pandemic and the 3 mindset shifts that can lead to new healing and self-connection during these unique times.

Mindset Shift #1 is about time: it allows you to release all that pent-up tension around the time you’re losing with an invitation to still, present is-ness, taking you from “I’m running out of time” to “there is no rush.”

Mindset Shift #2 is about being alone: it allows you to experience the solitude of self-isolation as an opportunity to go deep inside yourself and strengthen the most important relationship of your fertility journey — your relationship with yourself.

Mindset Shift #3 is about choice: it allows you to see that the removal of your fertility options — your access to a team of experts and to external-focused treatment — has opened the way for a brand-new option, one that is focused on YOU, your self-connection, your inner healing, and on rebuilding your trust in yourself and your body.

So many of my clients end up telling me infertility was their initiation into motherhood.

They say, “I would have been a completely different mother had I got pregnant right away.”

Because the fertility journey forces growth, expansion, and healing.

Not everyone takes that opportunity for healing. Some women aren’t able to. The healing isn’t easy. We’re pushed into it against our wills, and it depends on us being able to say yes (and there is no shame in saying no).

In a similar way, the coronavirus has voluntold us into taking a break. It’s forced us to stop running around, stripped us of external resources, given us day after endless day of time and a great deal of solitude.

There’s no hiding from our shadow now. There are no distractions. There’s nowhere to go, no events to busy ourselves with, no friends to meet up with to avoid our real feelings.

If we can soften into allowing it, there are blessings to be found here in this sacred pause.

A friend shared something with me recently that I found so moving.

When you go dancing, she said, you go with the intention of moving to whatever song gets played. There are songs you really love and others that don’t speak to you as deeply, but still you keep moving. You try to find the rhythm, to move with it even if it’s not what you’d prefer.

The coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to move with the music life is giving you right now.

This music is a very different melody than what you’re used to.

But if you let yourself move with it, in that willingness you can find something beautiful.

You could even find a movement you may never have found otherwise.

I have a feeling that if you’re still here reading this, you’re one of the women who is open to finding a new way of moving.

You’re one of the women willing to say yes to the opportunity for growth and
healing afforded not just by the coronavirus but by the fertility journey itself.

Together the 3 mindset shifts around time, aloneness, and choice bring up a greater truth:

Your most precious resources on the fertility journey are internal.

Usually it’s only after lots of treatments haven’t worked that women turn to the deeper internal work.

Maybe that’s you, or maybe you’re not there yet — but regardless, thanks to COVID-19, almost all those external resources and those other people are gone. You can’t go for so much as a massage, let alone IVF.

You have only your own expertise to rely on.

But do you even know what that is?

Inside your heart and womb, you have tremendous capacity for healing.

If you’ve been TTC for long, you are also likely carrying a lot of pain, grief, and loss there — deep emotions that in conventional fertility treatment are almost always neglected, even though it’s been shown that an infertility diagnosis is as emotionally devastating as a cancer diagnosis and that the probability of successful pregnancy goes up by 90% when the emotional and psychological effects of infertility are addressed.

How do you address them?

There’s no way to do it but to go inside your own depths.

But if you are ready to face those depths, the coronavirus pandemic has handed you the gifts of time, solitude, and the stripping away of all treatment options except the ones focused on your own mind-body-spirit healing.

And that’s why I’m opening the doors to my Moon Goddess fertility yoga and meditation program at a discount right now.

It’s something I pretty much never do. But I want you to be able to use this time to learn how to access your own capacity for healing and self-connection, with a practice you can do alone at home.

Moon Goddess will give you the tools you need to access the expertise that’s inside of you — expertise you might not even know is there.

It will gently guide you step by step to work with and heal your grief, your fears, your shame, even deep emotions you might not even know are there.

It will enable you to go direct to the source — which is you.

Maybe you’ll go back to those external resources when they’re available again.

But you’ll go back in a much better emotional-mental-physical place than you would have been if you hadn’t had this time-out.

Or maybe you won’t need to go back at all.

(And if that’s the case, you’ll be in good company — some of my favourite Moon Goddess success stories are from women who spent years and tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments before getting pregnant with the help of Moon Goddess.)

If you are one of the women willing and able to take this opportunity for healing, you can find all the details HERE.

P.S. Some doctors in some regions are recommending women not get pregnant right now, and some of you have chosen to stop actively TTC until the pandemic is over. I want to stress that I’m not talking just about trying to get pregnant but about healing your relationship with your female body and the emotional pain of the fertility journey.

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