‘Fertility – Babies and Beyond’

That’s the name of the radio segment I just did with Cristina Smith from the Energy Medicine Exchange. I talked for 45 minutes straight about wombs, fertility and sensuality and I’m on a total high!

On the show, I share my perspectives on infertility and how I believe unconscious shame affects a woman’s experience of her womb, her fertility and her sensuality. I also explain how when we heal our relationship with the female body, we can also heal painful conditions like endometriosis, pcos, cramps and irregular cycles as well as the biggie: infertility.

If you want a more positive experience of your womb, take a listen here.

Cristina also asks me questions like: How did Yoga Goddess come to be? How did you create your fertility program? What are some of the aspects of it? And my favourite: How do fertility, sensuality and intuition relate to each other?

Curious? Put your headphones on and get cozy. And then, click Fertility – Babies and Beyond to tune-in

Or click on the recording below
to listen to the full Yoga Goddess broadcast.

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