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If you’re preparing for IUI or IVF, or if you’ve been trying to conceive naturally, you may be drawn to yoga for relaxation and stress relief. But do you know that in addition to those powerful benefits, fertility yoga is also one of the most natural and effective ways of enhancing your uterine health and increasing your chances of conceiving?I’ve been sharing some of my favourite fertility yoga poses here on the blog over the last few weeks, and the third in the series is Supported Bridge Pose. This pose increases blood supply to the uterus and ovaries—essential for implantation of a fertilized egg.Be sure to check out Legs up the Wall Pose for another simple fertility yoga pose as well as a more detailed explanation of why that blood flow is so important. And if you missed it a few days ago, you’ll also want to try out Butterly Pose.And for a complete fertility yoga and meditation practice, you can learn more about Moon Goddess here.

Supported Bridge Pose

Supported br▪ Lie on the floor on your back. ▪ Slowly bend your knees so that they are pointing toward the ceiling and your feet are planted on the ground, hip distance apart. ▪ Look toward the ceiling. ▪ Keep your arms down by your side with your palms facing down. ▪ Walk your feet towards your bum. Inhale into your chest. ▪ Exhale and draw in your lower abs (imagine you’re pulling in and back like on the reins of a horse). ▪ With your abs engaged and your spine in neutral, begin to slowly life your hips off the floor to form a bridge pose. ▪ Inhale and exhale, and slowly, with control, lower yourself down. ▪ Continue for 10 hip lifts. ▪ Now hold your hips up and breathe deeply and gently for 5 more breaths. For extra support, you can use a block, pillow, or blanket underneath your sacrum. ▪ To come out of the pose, slowly lower back down to the floor, roll onto your side, and come up to a seated position. ▪ It’s important to be mindful of your back during this pose. Be careful not to overuse your lower back muscles.*Photo credit: Yoga SuthraWant more? I have a free eBook and video called Fertility Secrets of the Female Body, where I share 5 essential steps to heal unexplained infertility and relax into the miracle of conception.[thrive_2step id=’15759′]Download my Fertility Secrets Ebook now![/thrive_2step]