Thank you so much to all of you who were able to join me live to receive the energy of the Worldwide Womb Blessing. 

If you missed it live, don't worry–I’m including the recording below, and the full moon energies are still strong, so you can participate as soon as you’re ready.

On the live cast we talked about the wake-up call of the Divine Feminine. The cry within our bodies that so many of us are hearing, via excruciating periods, PCOS, painful sex, unexplained infertility.

I believe the Divine Feminine is asking for healing for the collective feminine. For so many of us, this cry begins in our own bodies. 

What is the call from the Feminine that you’re answering? Whether it’s for this coming year, this coming decade, or just today, what is it you’re being called forth into? 

Is it to heal in your own life? To heal specifically in relation to your womb? To answer the healing call to share these teachings with other women? Maybe it’s a combination of all these things. 

We’re stepping into not only a powerful new year but a powerful new decade. According to Miranda Gray’s teachings, we’re leaving a Crone Year and moving into a Maiden Year. 

This means that we’re moving from planting seeds in 2019 to nurturing them as they begin to sprout and become visible in 2020.

I encourage you to reflect on the seeds you’ve sown this year. How do you want those seeds to blossom in the Maiden Year of 2020?

If you’re ready to step into 2020 answering the call of the Divine Femine in your own life — and especially if you’re a Red Moon woman or resonate with the Healer archetype — please pay close attention in the Yoga Goddess Support Circle over the next couple of weeks, because I’m going to be sharing stories of women like you — and letting you know the exciting new way that I can support you to begin bringing your healing vision forth in 2020. 

But for today, start with the Worldwide Womb Blessing on the Full Cold Moon. Just click play on the video to begin meditating: