Last night we gathered together live on Facebook for a virtual Womb Blessing circle to receive the energies from Miranda Gray’s Worldwide Womb Blessing under the final full moon of 2017 — which just happened to also be a supermoon, as well as the start of Mercury Retrograde.

Our circle was part of over 165,000 women worldwide who came together to receive this special healing transmission from Miranda. Did you miss it?

Fortunately, the Womb Blessing energy is still strong and so is this powerful Full Cold Moon — so you still have time to take advantage of this potent celestial period.

In this meditation, I'll guide you to: 

  • Connect heart and womb with the Womb Tree Meditation & guided visualization written by Miranda Gray
  • Create a prayer cord representing the worldwide circle of sisters in ‘The Circle of Sisters’ meditation
  • Harness the energy of Mercury Retrograde and the light of this final moon of 2017 to ask, What mental blocks and thought patterns do I need to release in order to move forward with a fresh perspective?

Here is a checklist of what to have ready:

  • 2 bowls to be your Womb Bowls, one for water and one to place a candle in
  • A tea candle 
  • Drinking water 

If you'd like to create your own prayer cord and it's easy for you to do so, you can also grab:

  • A length of cord big enough to fit around your altar
  • 3 strips of ribbon or cloth

Just click below to start watching…