Three months ago I began a practice of daily tuning into my womb.

Meditating on it, asking for its guidance, feeling its vibration….then writing down what I see and hear. 

I’m seeking direction in my personal life and direction for the growth of Yoga Goddess, and I sensed intuitively that my womb was where I’d find my answers.

The results?


I suspected it before, but now I know:

As women, our womb is our ultimate guidance system.

It is our strongest power centre.

It’s the source of our creative ability.

It’s a force not just for making babies, but for creating your life.

Because womb power is the power that creates worlds.

Womb power, dear goddess, is your superpower.

And most of us have no idea

{Download the Womb Tree meditation to begin accessing your superpower}

Download the meditation

What I’m experiencing is my womb as a compass that I can use to navigate my intention and my power to create in the world. As I’ve been sitting with my womb energy, I feel it guiding me towards creation. When I play with the energy and visualize what I’m creating, I feel my womb getting excited and happy to create with me. 

It’s a baby-in-the womb kind of excitement within me.

And I sense that every woman’s womb is meant to be the same creative force and navigation system for her.

For you

We live so much of the time from our heads, some of the time from our hearts…but even our hearts, I am discovering, are not the way we should be going.

Because when we’re in the womb, our heart and mind come along…but the guidance is originating in our womb.

And when we know how to wield this power, we’re unstoppable.

{Get my Womb Tree meditation to tap into your own womb power}

Download the meditation

Womb power is waking up. It’s not subtle or sweet — it’s strong, vibrant, attractive, vast. 

It’s what the church was afraid of. It’s what patriarchy has tried to hold down.

Because when a woman feels that powerful, no one can tell her what to do. She’s getting direct guidance and she answers to no other authority.

So how can you tap into this power for yourself? 

Each day when I sit down to tune into my womb, I begin with a specific meditation to gain access to my womb power.

It’s called the Womb Tree meditation. It was written by Miranda Gray, and I’ve recorded it in my own voice. 

I want to share this meditation with you now, so that you can begin to gain access to your womb power too. 

I can’t wait to hear what you discover!

Download the meditation

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