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You’re supposed to be able to have a baby.

But years of trying without seeing that positive pregnancy test — or seeing it and going to the ultrasound filled with anxiety because the last time they couldn’t find a heartbeat — makes you doubt what you know in your heart…

That you’re meant to be a mother.

What if you could believe in your heart that your womb can carry a baby?

When your heart feels safe, your womb can be free to allow joy and pregnancy in.

A Womb Blessing Ceremony opens the pathway between your heart and womb when infertility has blocked the hope in your heart…

Listen FREE to my Womb Tree Meditation (plus receive regular updates to heal heart & womb).

This is the same meditation that I guide each of my clients through before giving them a personal Womb Blessing, as taught by Miranda Gray.

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“During our Womb Blessing Ceremony, the power Zahra and I were able to tap into was nothing short of extraordinary. It was like we had somehow managed to harness a supernova. In addition to the incredible power I felt, the imagery that came through was so beautiful, clear and powerful. I don’t know when my baby will find me but having the experience of that Womb Blessing, I have become certain that miracles are possible.”