Finally feel connected to your womb + release infertility or miscarriage pain with a Womb Blessing & Healing

A Womb Blessing Ceremony uses a powerful, hands-on energy healing similar to Reiki – but focused on the womb and 5 key points of your body related to fertility.

ALL Womb Blessing ceremonies include a 25-min personal consultation before the 75-min blessing + healing.

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Womb Blessing

Consultation + Ceremony

$327 CDN + HST

3-Pack Follow-up

Save $232

$749 CDN + HST

All treatments are in-person in Toronto at The Inner Arts Collective (257 Danforth Avenue)

Why Womb Blessings Work

The wisdom of your body says when there’s a flood of stress hormones, and your mind is overrun with worry and anxiety – it isn’t safe to make a baby.

Rachel  from California was one of those women who just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy on the heels of her 41st birthday in May.

And the research backs it up: According to a study of 151 women undergoing IVF, women who scored the highest levels of positive emotion were 93% more likely to have a live birth.

When you book a Womb Ceremony, you receive two treatments – a Womb Blessing + a Womb Healing

Treatment 1: Womb Blessing (35-min)

During the Womb Blessing portion, we’ll awaken and strengthen your connection to your Divine Feminine energy and affirm your femininity.

The Womb Blessing is a physical prayer that brings healing to your femininity, womb and life.

Together, we work with the energies of these key areas of the body in an energy sequence:

  1. Brow
  2. Heart
  3. Womb
  4. Yoni (your beautiful vagina)
  5. Head
  6. Womb & Ovaries

This first part of the ceremony will allow you to:

  • Know what it means to be female and embody the female soul
  • Accept your female body, your life, your fertility, your creativity, sexuality and spirituality
  • Celebrate the moon phases, the seasons and the menstrual cycle
  • Connect with the Divine Feminine and welcome her presence in your life

Treatment 2: Womb Healing (30-min)

The Womb Healing portion concentrates on healing and activating 3 energy centres and on the flow of energy between them:

  1. Pituitary Centre: Helps the hormonal & menstrual cycle and opens your spiritual awareness
  2. Heart Centre: Heals the heart on issues of love, loss, forgiveness, caring, giving and receiving.
  3. Womb Centre: Works on the physical and emotional patterns you hold around your hips and belly.  

When the Womb is healthy and energized, energy rises up the body activating the Heart Centre, creating a strong physical and loving vessel to tap into our feminine. That energy then activates the Pituitary Gland deep within our brain, and flows down into our heart and hands and womb.

This three-way energy flow is at the heart of a  healthy cycle of fertile, feminine existence!

I feel balanced…

I was surprised at how relaxed the womb blessing was. I was able to “feel” when Zahra exhaled into the different locations – very cool. I feel balanced and even. I am hopeful. I appreciate that I could feel Zahra’s genuine interest and caring – it makes all the difference. The meditations she has given me are really helping.  I will continue to have womb blessings because I am willing to do whatever it takes to have a baby of my own and I believe in them!


All Womb Blessing ceremonies include…

  • 25-min consultation with Zahra to release the emotional burden of everything you’ve gone through  + be open hearted for the healing*
  • Guided visualization + Take Home Practices
  • 35-min Womb Blessing, seated on a comfortable recliner, to open the channel of creation in your womb
  • 30-minute Womb Healing, relaxed and lying down
  • 10-min teatime with special blend of fertility tea and a grounding, fertility-friendly snack
  • Total time: 1hour 40 minutes

*The value of this consultation alone is $200.

This image depicts the pressure points for the 'Womb Centre'.

Yoga Goddess Womb Blessings are offered locally in Toronto. Distance sessions only available upon request.


Miracles are possible…

The power Zahra and I were able to tap into was nothing short of extraordinary. It was like we had somehow managed to harness a supernova. In addition to the incredible power I felt, the imagery that came through was so beautiful, clear and powerful.

I don’t know when my baby will find me but having the experience of that Womb Blessing, I have become certain that miracles are possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to DO anything during a Womb Blessing?

No you just need to relax and receive the energies! I’ll guide you through the Womb Tree meditation to help you ease out of your mind and into receiving.

Where are your sessions?

At the beautiful Inner Arts Collective conveniently located at 257 Danforth Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 1N2 across from the Big Carrot!

Do you offer Womb Blessings remotely?

No remote sessions are called Womb Energizers. While remote sessions have had powerful results for my clients they are not the same as receving the Womb Blessing. If you’re not near Toronto and you prefer an in-person treatment, we recommend finding a Moon Mother who is local to you by searching the international list of Moon Mothers here.

Where did you learn how to offer Womb Blessing Ceremonies?

Miranda Gray, the same woman who inspired much of my Moon Goddess program, is now certifying ‘Moon Mothers.’ A Moon Mother is initiated by Miranda and shown how to channel the Womb Blessing & Womb Healing energies. In a Womb Blessing Ceremony, it’s a physical prayer and a relationship with the goddess that brings healing to your femininity, womb and life.

How often can I have a Womb Blessing Ceremony?

The Womb Blessing portion of the Womb Ceremony can only be received once per cycle. However, the Womb Healings can be done more regularly. At the moment I don’t offer Womb Healing ONLY sessions.


Truly magical…

Right after my session I felt as if I was on a high. I shared my experience with my husband and that night I will say we reconnected in an intimate way and it was amazing!  I’m starting to be gentle with myself, listening to my body and mind as unified source. It was a truly magical and enlightening experience and I felt amazing after, as if something in me had being reawakened!


I feel so much better…

I am deeply grateful. Thanks to Zahra’s information I received a Womb blessing ceremony last Friday with a Womb Mother in Colombia. It was an amazing experience. I hadn’t been receiving my period for over two months and it is back since last Sunday. It is all falling in its rightful place and I feel so much better. I plan to get another WB next month!

Sara B.



The sacred space of ‘just knowing’…

I was amazed at how quickly you connected with me and were able to discern the essence of the story I was sharing with you. After your initial remarks you gracefully led me to this space of inner knowing. I don’t think I have ever felt so connected with my inner wisdom and intuition. I am usually over-analytical, constantly reexamining my thoughts and second-guessing myself. But there is also this sacred space of “just knowing” which I rarely enter because of my overactive mind. This is where you led me into during our session.

There was something so honest, caring, solid, firm and unwavering in your words, something so wise (and I don’t use this word lightly) that I found myself revisiting this sacred space within minutes. After our consultation I felt so open and serene that I gratefully received the Blessing and Healing like a divine gift.

A sense of magic has stayed with me ever since but at the same time I feel very grounded. I am over-energised, handling and resolving issues that I had left hanging over my head for months or even years. Life is flowing!


Moving and effective…

I loved Zahra’s idea to light five candles to represent my miscarriages. I resisted doing anything to commemorate them myself because I was afraid to revisit the experiences but obviously I needed to let go somehow. I found that small, ceremonial gesture so moving and very effective. It was the first time that I truly acknowledged these souls and said goodbye. It also made me feel like the session was specific to me and not just a general process.

I felt very relaxed and at ease that night. Now I feel lighter about my efforts to become pregnant and more at peace with my past experiences.




Renewed hope…

I was surprised at the heat of the crystals around my womb. I didn’t feel that heat in any other part of my body and it reaffirmed to me that this is truly a unique and wonderful experience. It provided renewed hope and more focus on thinking about what I want for myself and future babies. You have a very calming presence about you and I felt very comfortable.


Welcomed our daughter…

I’m happy to announce that we welcomed our daughter into this world on June 15th. She was conceived during our second round of IVF in September 2016. We are over the moon in love!

We did a Womb Blessing session in late August before I began my IVF meds. We also did 1-on-1 coaching calls in December 2015-February 2016 to help heal from the first IVF attempt and face many of the fears I had been harboring.

Thank you for your work and support throughout this journey! We plan to begin expanding our family later this year and I will be reaching out for another Womb Blessing when the time comes.

BTW – I’m 40 (turning 41 next month) and my husband is 44. Faith, belief and hard work can bring you the child(ren) you’ve been praying for—we are living proof!




One powerful dream…

I appreciate the time you took with each step of the blessing. I also appreciated the guided visualization we started out with, which allowed me to more fully embody my desire to have a child, and really feel that desire with all my cells.

I had one powerful dream shortly after where I dreamed that an ex-boyfriend died. Having him break up with me while he was recovering from a serious surgery was very devastating for me at that time, so I wonder if my womb had been holding on to something that she was ready to release.

I do see the value of a repeated blessing after some of the trauma has cleared out, to guide in more healing energy.


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EXTRA BONUS: Receive my complete Moon Charting Mastery Program at no additional cost (Value: $97)

Womb Blessing

Consultation + Ceremony

$327 CDN + HST

3-Pack Follow-up

Save $232

$749 CDN + HST

All treatments are in-person in Toronto at The Inner Arts Collective (257 Danforth Avenue)

Distance sessions are available only by request.