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All of us as women living in a patriarchal society have become disconnected to some degree from our feminine essence and from the Divine Feminine. 

If you’ve also suffered from sexual trauma, sexual shame, debilitating periods, endometriosis, PCOS, or infertility — or if you’ve had an abortion or a miscarriage — these are even deeper reasons that you may have become alienated from your female energies and your womb.

How do we heal this?

One powerful way that I have seen work over and over is through Womb Blessings & Womb Energizers.

But I remember when I first read about Miranda Gray’s Womb Blessings, even though I knew I was interested, I also couldn’t REALLY tell what the benefits were.

In case you’re feeling the same, here are my answers to the most common Womb Blessing FAQs.

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Womb Blessing FAQ

Q: What actually happens during a Womb Blessing?

A: When you book a Womb Ceremony, you receive a 25-minute consultation, a 5-minute visualization to connect with the moon and your own womb, and two treatments: a Womb Blessing + a Womb Healing.

Treatment 1: Womb Blessing (25-min)

The Womb Blessing is a physical prayer that brings healing to your femininity, womb and life. Together, we work with the energies of these key areas of the body in an energy sequence:

▪ Brow
▪ Heart
▪ Womb
▪ Yoni (your beautiful vagina)
▪ Head
▪ Womb & Ovaries

Q: What happens in a Womb Healing?

Treatment 2: Womb Healing (25-min)

Part II of your Womb Blessing is a Healing. The Womb Healing portion concentrates on healing and activating 3 energy centres and on the flow of energy between them:

  1. Pituitary Centre: Helps the hormonal & menstrual cycle and opens your spiritual awareness
  2. Heart Centre: Heals the heart on issues of love, loss, forgiveness, caring, giving and receiving.
  3. Womb Centre: Works on the physical and emotional patterns you hold around your hips and belly.

Plus, I will energize the following 5 points of your Womb Centre that correspond to your 4 feminine energies and your complete womanhood:


Q: Do I have to DO anything during a Womb Blessing?

A: No, you just need to relax and receive the energies! I’ll guide you through the Womb Tree meditation to help ease you out of thinking and into receiving.

Q: What about a distance Womb Energizer–how does that work?

While it’s not exactly the same as an in-person Womb Blessing, my clients and I have experienced incredible results when I send the energy by phone during a distance Womb Energizer. Here’s what happens:

  1. We both light a candle and pour water into a bowl (we call it a womb bowl).
  2. You give me a call and we spend 25 minutes talking so you can unload your heart.
  3. I help you create an intention for the Womb Energizer, and that becomes your focus point for the rest of our call.
  4. You’ll sit in a comfortable chair and I “stand” behind you to begin by calling in the Divine Feminine.
  5. I guide you through the Womb Tree meditation.
  6. I send you the Womb Blessing energy in a sequence by “breathing” into your crown, brow, heart, yoni, and womb.
  7. We complete with grounding and drinking the Womb Bowl water.
  8. And finally, you’ll receive a 30-minute Womb Healing.
  9. Afterward I’ll send you a link with the Womb Tree meditation and a self-blessing, with instructions on how to take care of yourself after the Womb Energizer.

Q: I’m not local to Toronto and I’d really like an in-person Womb Blessing. Where can I get one?

A: For a list of authorized Moon Mothers worldwide, see Miranda Gray’s website HERE.

Q: Where are your in-person sessions?

A: At the beautiful Inner Arts Collective, conveniently located at 257 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2–across from the Big Carrot!

If you have a question that will help you decide whether a Womb Blessing is right for you just email me at and I’ll sort you out!

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“Right after my [Womb Blessing] session I felt as if I was on a high. I shared my experience with my husband and that night I will say we reconnected in an intimate way and it was amazing! I’m starting to be gentle with myself, listening to my body and mind as unified source. It was a truly magical and enlightening experience and I felt amazing after, as if something in me had been reawakened!” – Stacey