This year’s Harvest Moon is almost here, and you’re invited to join our Facebook Full Moon live cast meditation to open up to your deep feminine wisdom.



The Harvest Moon got its name because it provided the light farmers needed to harvest their summer crops. The name is given to the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, which here in the northern hemisphere passed just yesterday on Sept. 22.

And because I’ve been thinking a lot about the innate feminine wisdom that’s hidden in our bodies, I’d like to use this Harvest Moon (whether or not it’s harvest season in your part of the world) to reap our own kind of uniquely female harvest.

All of us as women have an ancient feminine heritage buried deep inside us. We may not be aware that it exists, or we may only now be starting to awaken to its presence, but it’s there.

We have the cyclical ebb and flow of our menstrual energies.

We have wombs that are capable of growing and nurturing new life…whether that’s literal children or a creative project, idea, business, relationship, or the birthing of our own selves.

We have wisdom and answers that our bodies can share with us when we get still enough to listen.

It’s always been there…we just may not have always known it.

So on this Harvest Moon, we’re going to ask:

What wisdom and insight lie within my female body, waiting to be harvested?

In our virtual circle we will:

  • Connect deeply with our wombs and our cyclical female energies
  • Share with other women who are ready to open to their feminine gifts
  • Harness the energy of this Harvest Moon to ask, What sacred feminine wisdom already exists inside my womb, just waiting for me to harvest it?
==>> Tune in with me live on Facebook Wednesday, September 26 at 5:45pm EST / 2:45pm PST / 10:45pm UK / 7:45am Thursday Australian Eastern time to meditate with the Harvest Moon


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See you on the live cast!