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I know I talk a lot about the female body’s connection to the moon, but just think about that for a second: how amazing is it that we’re in sync with the moon?

Amazing, but not far-fetched: we know the moon controls the oceans, so why not women’s bodies?

Today I want to give you 3 reasons why you should care about (and pay attention to) the relationship between the moon and your body:

1. You will appreciate your femininity for what it is: cyclical

The masculine is linear, like the sun—it’s predictable, either on or off. The feminine is cyclical, like the moon, it ebbs and flows and changes—it’s far more mysterious and requires a deeper understanding.

Rather than seeing your shifting moods as a problem, imagine riding this ebb and flow of your feminine energy and turning it into your personal super-power.

The moon and your menstrual cycles hold the keys.

2. You’ll tap into your super-powers (the moon gives you clues about how to do this)

What’s magical about being a woman is that we can embody different qualities and energies at different times of the month. Our shifting energies are useful tools for tapping into our powers of productivity, creativity, self-reflection, introspection, and connection.

When you know how your energy tends to ebb and flow, you learn how to optimize your peak times for productivity, play, rest, and spiritual connection. This means easier project management at work, more effective handling of your to-do lists, and a major increase in creative output.

And all you have to do to begin understanding how to use your shifting energy is look up in the sky at night and take a hint from the moon.

Is it full and bright (the lunar symbol of ovulation)? That means an exuberant outward energy, a great time for hosting a party or nurturing a relationship—if that’s when you’re ovulating.

Is it thin and almost dark (the lunar symbol for our pre-menstrual time)? This is when your energy draws inward, the time for quiet self-reflection and self-care—if that’s when you’re at or near your period.

What’s important to note is BOTH where the moon is in the sky and where you are in your menstrual cycle.

3. If you’re trying to conceive, you can maximize your baby-making chances

As you pay attention to your cycle and its relationship to the moon, you will not only learn how to better identify fertile times (because you’ll notice what your body and emotions feel like when you’re ovulating), but you’ll know how to leverage those signals and use them to your baby-making advantage.

For example, your personal ovulation time may sync up with the full moon or it may not. If it doesn’t, how you feel during your personal full-moon time will give you important information on how to best nurture your fertility and connect with your partner lovingly. This is the time to ask for what you need and to give from your heart  so sex doesn’t turn into another to-do.

Most importantly, taking the pressure off ovulation is the biggest benefit of embracing your body’s connection to the moon.

Without a deep-rooted understanding of your body’s entire cycle, trying to conceive can feel frustrating and exhausting. Engaging with your whole cycle as you track each phase will nourish your emotional and reproductive health and take the pressure off that one tiny ovulation window.

And there are so many other fertility benefits:

  • If you have an irregular cycle or difficult periods, tracking your cycle with the moon will help restore a regular, balanced cycle and heal your period experience.
  • If infertility has you feeling disconnected from your body, charting with the moon empowers you to embrace the magic of what your body can do. Instead of feeling like your body is “broken,” you will begin to understand and appreciate its wisdom and possibility.
  • If infertility has you feeling like you barely recognize yourself anymore, connecting daily with your physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual being through tracking will make you calmer, more confident and more self-loving—so that you can create your baby from fullness, love and abundance.

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