Have you had a chance to use your 3 Affirmations to Amp up Your Sexiness?

Because today we’re ready for the next installment in our Unblock Your Sexy Energy series, and it is a really fun AND powerful exercise.

I know that if you’re feeling weighed down by daily obligations or a little less than juicy–maybe you’re juggling morning-to-night work responsibilities and haven’t had time to notice your body since somewhere around 2009, or maybe you’ve never felt secure about your body to begin with–truly embracing your sensual self can feel like a tall order. Sexy me? How about overburdened, exhausted, just-plain-dull me?

Consider this…

How would you walk down the street with Angelina Jolie’s confidence?

How would you order your morning latte if you were Beyoncé,?

How might you kiss your partner goodnight if you were Lucy Liu?

Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Beyoncé, Lucy Liu and–my personal favourite–Penelope Cruz. These women ooze sensuality.

When I want to feel my sexiest, I imagine “wearing” Penelope Cruz’s energy. I spend my day ‘being’ my version of Penelope. Over and over throughout the day, I keep asking myself: how would I move, how would I speak, how would I see the world if I were her?

And I SHIFT entirely.

My bad moods disappear and my insecurities melt away.

So whether your life feels crappy and unfulfilling OR you intentionally want to supercharge your already sensual, sexy self, give this kind of make-believe a try.

Wake up and get out of bed ‘being’ your favourite sexy celebrity. Get undressed like her. Shower like her. Wear underwear like her, walk into work like her, and FEEL the power of your sensual self unleash.

The freedom and power you’ll feel will be thrilling. But don’t take my word for it. TRY IT.

Now tell me, who do you admire?

Make your declaration to be “her” for a day. Tell us in the comments who you’ve chosen to embody! I’ll be waiting to hear from you…

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Love and delight,