The moon has long been my favourite symbol for the menstrual cycle and the physical and emotional rhythms we women transition through from month to month.

But there’s more than one way for our cycles to synchronise with the moon.

In fact, there are 4. And each carries not only its own symbolism, but its own insight and guidance about your life path.

The 4 cycles are:

  1. the White Moon Cycle
  2. the Red Moon Cycle
  3. the Pink Moon Cycle
  4. the Purple Moon Cycle

And I’ll guide you through a series of questions to help you dig deeper into the calling your menstrual-moon connection may be leading you toward.

So…which cycle are you on?

Let’s start with Possibility #1: the White Moon Cycle.

Nowhere is the menstrual-moon connection clearer than in the White Moon cycle: the cycle of the woman who bleeds with the new moon and ovulates with the full moon.

If this is you, you follow the natural cycles of the earth. Your body and spirit withdraw into rest and inward focus when the moon goes dark, and when the moon is full and bright, so are you.

Your body acts as a perfect mirror for the fertility of the earth, since the earth herself is most fertile under the light of the full moon. We know this because of bio-dynamic farming practices, which show that when seeds are planted by the full moon, harvests are most abundant.

The White Moon cycle represents the fertile power of women. It’s traditionally considered the cycle of the Nurturer archetype, the ‘good mother’ birthing and nurturing her babies into being.


If you’re on a White Moon cycle, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you desiring children?
  • Do you spend a lot of time mothering?
  • If you don’t have your own children, do you take on the role of nurturer in your relationships?

Come share your answers to these questions in our private Facebook Support Circle! I’d love to hear how this is resonating with you, and I’ve posted a poll where you can answer questions about your experience as a White Moon Woman. (Not a member? Just request access—it’s free to join!)

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