“Getting serious” about getting pregnant

“Stop futzing around. If you’re serious about getting pregnant, let’s attack this full on.”

That was my conversation with my family doctor yesterday. I love my GP—she’s hip (she lived on a kibbutz for a couple of years), she’s young (younger than me), and she conceived all three of her boys in her thirties with the help of fertility treatments.

So what’s the problem?

I like to approach things holistically. If I have an underlying condition that would make it harder for me to conceive, I want to heal that first rather than going ‘guns blazing’ into my womb. Which is why, in January, I started working with a holistic fertility expert.

A holistic perspective

From our first conversation it became clear that I had a protein deficiency. For 10 years I’ve been eating a vegetarian diet, and for 10 years I've had light periods.

What I learned is that I need 50-60 grams of protein per day just for my body to function properly. More importantly, my uterus needs protein to build a good lining. By making that one change, my period went from a scanty 2 days of bleeding to a proper 3-day period in just one cycle. And I had more energy than I’ve had in years.

From my family doc’s perspective, a diet change that produces an immediate change in my cycle is irrelevant. In her opinion, I’m ‘futzing around.’ I'm wasting precious time.

But from a holistic fertility perspective, I’m upping my chances of a positive pregnancy, whether I’m trying naturally or through ART (assisted reproductive treatment). Because without adequate protein and hence adequate iron, I won’t have a thick enough or nutrient-rich enough lining for implantation to take place in my womb.

This kind of wisdom isn’t embedded in our medical system, but it is embedded in our bodies. That's why I’ve invited Amy Sedgwick, Holistic Fertility Expert, to show you how to become the expert on your own body. So you can learn how to read the sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious signs your body is giving you about the state of your fertile health.

Rather than spending hours scouring online fertility forums looking for other people’s experiences to compare to your own, come learn how to interpret what your body is telling you about your fertility.

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