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How would you describe the relationship you have with your body since you’ve been on your fertility journey?

A lot of women share their most intimate fears with me when I ask this question and what I hear most often is “I feel like my body is betraying me.”

When you’ve been struggling to get pregnant for awhile it makes sense to feel a sense of betrayal. Because your body isn’t doing what you want. And it feels unfair. After all, your body is supposed to be able to make a baby, right?

If you grapple with this kind of internal judgement I want you to take a moment to consider this scenario:

If you had a friend you didn’t get along with or you chose to minimize contact with, would you feel comfortable suddenly reaching out to ask her for a really big favour because now you needed something that only she could give you? If you did, how do you think she might react?

I make this reference because most of us are not big fans of our female bodies. Our periods tended to be a messy nuisance which have now become a source of disappointment and failure. We feel the need to change our body odor, body hair, or the size of this or that body part. And most of us had the mistaken notion that we could get pregnant anytime we had sex…until we actually started trying to get pregnant.

This level of disconnect doesn’t really lend itself to a close and intimate connection like the one it takes to make a baby.

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Release age-old blame and shame and make peace with your heart and womb

I want to make it clear that this disconnect isn’t our fault. Women’s bodies have been getting a bad rap since Eve’s time in the Garden of Eden. However, I strongly believe it’s up to us to heal this burden of shame we’ve inherited through the cultural consciousness–especially if we want our bodies to give us the gift of life.

If you suffer from painful periods, pms, pcos, endometriosis, fibroids or any other hormonal imbalance that makes it difficult not to hate your cycle, I understand. I personally suffered from terrible period pain for 10 years before I set out to heal my relationship with my womb.

And if you have gone through one or more IUI or IVF cycle, or years of trying naturally where you didn’t conceive, or you’ve experienced a miscarriage or had an abortion, you also know the pain of losing a child.

Personally, it took me 10 years to realize my agonizing menstrual pain was a result of shame I felt because I ended a pregnancy as a young woman.

When I finally made the connection between healing my heart and healing my womb, everything changed. My periods got lighter, my cramps diminished and sex became fulfilling and nourishing. And when I began to share this healing work with clients, the results were amazing! Women who had tried for years without success were getting pregnant.

I share this journey (and a lot more) in my free eBook, Fertility Secrets of the Female Body.

In it you’ll learn 5 essential steps to heal unexplained infertility and relax into the miracle of conception, including secrets to help you:

  • Nurture and nourish your reproductive health
  • Restore faith in your body’s ability to conceive
  • Relax mind, body and soul into the miracle of pregnancy
  • Begin guided meditative practices to cultivate fertile, feminine energy

I am so excited to share my fertile, feminine wisdom with you.

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