I loved meditating with you today in the luscious energy of the Full Strawberry Moon!

Summer has begun in the Northern Hemisphere and the earth is reaching its season of full ripeness. 

On this beautiful Strawberry Moon, meditate along with me as we inquire:

  • What feels like it's in full blossom for you?
  • What feels like it's at its full potential of juiciness?

On this meditation, we'll tap into not just the full moon but the new, waxing, and waning moon to help us understand our bodies and awaken our full flourishing. Whatever you are looking to birth or create in your life–whether that's a business, a book, or a baby–you'll find support and inspiration under the light of this Strawberry Moon.

The full moon energies are still strong. To open up to your own juiciness, just click below and start watching…