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I’m delighted to share with you one of my favourite success stories, because it shows that no matter what expert advice you may rely on, in the end YOU are the authority on your own body and heart.

I talk a lot about IVF in my work, because it can be a truly wonderful technology to help woman conceive. But I want to clear something up right here and now: I’m not saying IVF is the only option, or the best option for conception—YOU are the authority on the best option for you.

In fact, one of the most exciting parts of my job for me is working with women to uncover the blocks that are preventing natural conception…especially when they’ve been told natural conception isn’t possible.

I want to tell you about Diana, who worked with me in order to avoid IVF.

Diana suffered from severe endometriosis. Her doctor cautioned that she had a small window of opportunity to get pregnant, so she had better do IVF quickly while there was still time.

Worse, he kept telling her that because of her stage 4 endometriosis, her uterus was “toxic.”

This word went straight to the heart of Diana’s fears. She was already full of her own doubts, and this word, “toxic,” planted in her by the expert she was supposed to trust, felt like it wiped out all hope.

Diana didn’t want to do IVF. It felt wrong to her. She was already exhausted and burnt out on the daily visits for cycle monitoring, the doom-and-gloom from her doctor, the constant poking and prodding.

“I felt that I was very close to wanting to let it all go,” she told me. “The meds and the cycle monitoring and then rushing to work trying to be ‘okay’ for my job. It was all becoming more and more uncomfortable, and my body was curling up from it. I was holding everything so tight and close and I knew that it was being held together with bandaids, but I was scared to let it go.”

So what do you do when “the experts” are pushing you toward an action that feels wrong?

How do you take the time to slow down and really listen to what your body and heart are asking of you, instead of getting swept up in the fear of needing to take action before it’s too late?

What I find is that when you’re not in synch with the action you’re taking, when your heart isn’t in it and your mind doubts it will work, it usually won’t work. And that is important information before entering any treatment, especially if you are feeling pressured in a direction you don’t want to go.

If you don’t feel at least somewhat hopeful and at peace about your choice, if you don’t at least tentatively expect a positive outcome, then taking action from this place is unlikely to result in success.

It doesn’t matter how it feels for anyone else: if it doesn’t feel good to you, then don’t do it.

For Diana, IVF simply did not feel right.

When she reached out to me for help, she said, “I knew the deeper work was important. And I needed a new support system to help me actually do it.”

And so we began to work together in a way that resonated with Diana’s instinct for how she wanted to conceive her child.

She did her yoga every day and was consistent with speaking her releasing statements. She consciously released the stress she was carrying. She even enrolled her partner in listening to the visualizations with her so that he was also participating in positive expectations for their fertility.

And through our weekly coaching sessions and the Body Prayer we created together, Diana replaced the worry that was in her uterus with gratitude for and understanding of her cycle. That was the biggest and most profound shift for her.

From that shift, Diana conceived her daughter, Grace–without the assistance of reproductive technology of any kind.

(What’s more, she just happens to have conceived on a Red Moon Cycle, ovulating with the new moon.)

If you feel your body telling you it is ready to conceive naturally, and like Diana you know you need support to shift your approach, I invite you to apply for one-on-one coaching with me.

Don’t worry about where you are now, just think about where you want to go.

I want you to know I can help you get there: you CAN be jumping for joy in your bathroom with a positive test in your hand, and it can happen sooner than you might imagine.

Remember: the doctors don’t know everything!

I would love for you to be my next success story! Apply to work with me as your private fertility coach.

It’s free to apply, and you’re in no way obligated to enroll. But you do need to feel ready to try something new!

Click here to find out more about working with me 1 on 1 and how to apply.

After you apply I’ll contact you about having a chat to see if we both feel we would be a good fit.

I can’t wait to connect with you to get started creating your miracle!

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