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Once the crescendo of the full moon is reached, its appearance and its energy begins to withdraw. Farmers and gardeners consider this period the ideal time to weed, prune and harvest.

For a woman ttc, this can mean a natural time to turn within, and take stock of how you’ve grown during the past cycle – to sift through your experiences, to journal and discard what no longer serves you. As the dark of the moon approaches you might notice a dip in your energy level, an inner call to rest, sleep and replenish.

Of course in today’s race-around world, the thought of slowing down is rarely welcome. “What the hell?” You may think to yourself. “I’ve got so much to do today, why am I so tired? Why is it so much harder to push through this week?”

The next time this happens, notice where the moon is in her cycle. It can help immensely to surrender to what nature intended. Especially if you are cycling with the White Moon.

This guided meditation from the Yoga Goddess celebrates the energy of the waning moon. Invite in the moon’s energy and ask her to guide you in stillness. Consider listening to this meditation near the midnight hour or right before bed.

Click on the YouTube screen below for a beautiful, guided meditation.