Hello Goddess,

How do you feel about your sexual self? Do you fully embody your juicy essence, or does that part of yourself feel like it got left behind somewhere waaay back and you’re not sure where to even look for it?

Our recent Unblock Your Sexy Energy series is brimming with tools, rituals, and sexy affirmations to help you rekindle your sensual fire. If you missed parts of the series, it’s all right here in one easy location.

Unblock Your Sexy Energy in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: 

Start by taking the How Sexy Are You? Quiz. This simple set of questions will help you get a sense of where you need support to ignite your sensual being.

Step 2: 

Use the insight you gained from the quiz to choose which of the 3 Affirmations to Amp up Your Sexiness most resonates with you. You’ll find powerful affirmations to change the way you feel about your body, your partner, and your sexuality.

Step 3: 

Uplevel your embodiment of your sexuality bigtime with this super fun and amazingly potent exercise in which you’ll take on the energy of the sensual celebrity you’re most in awe of. Angelina Jolie? Penelope Cruz? Sofia Vergara? Learn what to do with Who Do You Admire?

Step 4:

Finally, shed your body shame and welcome in a new perception of yourself with this simple but powerful Mirror Ritual.

These steps are my sexy gift to you! Use them well.

Love and delight,