How do you feel about your sexual self? Do you fully embody your juicy essence? Does your sensuality feel like it got left behind somewhere waaay back and you’re not sure where to even look for it?

Maybe you’re trying to conceive and the stress of your fertility journey has taken a toll on the passion and intimacy in your relationship.

Maybe you’re single and longing to attract a passionate, fulfilling relationship. 

Maybe you’ve been sexualized in an unwelcome way, even sexually assaulted, and you struggle to lay claim to your sexual power and own it as YOURS. 

Maybe sexy and sacred feel mutually exclusive.

==>>Join the Unblock Your Sexual Feminine Energy Challenge<<==


This challenge is a fun, supportive way to play with your sexual energy and honour the dishonoured feminine within you, in the company of other women doing the same.

Starting just before Valentine's Day, I'll send you the first of 3 simple, juicy rituals to help you rekindle your sensual fire. The rituals aren't time-consuming, and you'll have 2 days to complete each one.

In the Yoga Goddess Facebook Support Circle you'll find polls and questions to help you reflect on and share how each ritual feels for you…empowering, awkward, it's all welcome.

Plus you can support (and maybe laugh alongside) other women who are trying out the same sexy tools.

Here's how the Unblock Your Sexual Feminine Energy Challenge will work: 

  1. Day 1: We start with a quiz to help you get a sense of where you need support to ignite your sensual being.
  2. Day 2-3: I take you through Ritual #1, a super fun and amazingly potent exercise to help you uplevel your embodiment of your sexuality bigtime.
  3. Day 4-5: In this ritual you'll reignite the fire–literally–alone or with a partner.
  4. Day 6-7: You'll shed your body shame and welcome in a new perception of yourself.
  5. Day 8: You'll take the quiz again so you can see how your perception and embodiment of your sexual feminine self has shifted.

Sound delicious?

==>>Join the Unblock Your Sexual Feminine Energy Challenge<<==


I can't wait to hear how the Challenge ignites you!