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Take these two simple steps to bring down your stress.

Our bodies are always talking to us through our feelings and senses.  Doctors and therapists of any kind will always ask, “how do you feel?”  Ultimately, only we can listen to, feel and communicate our inner messages.  The best expert on our state of health is ultimately us. And our expertise and confidence grows when we make the habit of asking the very question the ‘professionals’ ask.

Start by asking the question, “How do I feel right now?”

Close your eyes, and take a few slow, long, deep breaths and sit relaxed.  Start to scan your body with your inner awareness.  Mindfully, take note of what areas feel tight, tense or painful and breathe into these places for 5 – 10 breaths.  Notice if what you’re feeling changes or moves.

Then ask, “What do I need?”

And wait. Give your inner wisdom the space to answer. It may not come right away, and that’s okay. Keep tuning in and trusting. What you need is on it’s way to you.

Often what we really need is a moment to slow down, to take a break and to breathe.  Rather than overriding your body’s cues of tiredness and low energy and choosing to “power through” you can make a different choice. A choice to honour how you feel.

When you make a commitment of checking-in and asking these two simple questions, you empower yourself as your most powerful health giver.

A doctor’s role is to diagnose and treat pathology. Your role is to care for yourself in ways that nurture your well-being.

If you haven’t already, sit up tall in your chair, and put your hands in your lap.  Take the next 2 minutes to get quiet and ask: How do I feel right now?  Once you scan for discomfort and breathe into it you’ll feel a calm wave wash over you. Then ask: What do I need?  Wait and listen and trust. This simple act of self-inquiry will set you on the path towards greater peace and loveliness.

Did you do it goddess? How do you feel?

Leave a comment on the blog and let me know!

Love and delight,