Your thoughts can make you feel bad or good.

Negative thinking is normal, but I know you know it doesn’t feel good!

When your mind starts to spiral downwards, it can be hard to stop the momentum, so you need to stop the negative thinking train before it catches speed.

The first step in changing your habitual thoughts–like “I’m getting too old” or “I’m running out of time”–is to recognize that these thoughts don’t do anything but make you feel bad.

So you need to get proactive, goddess! Because the only person who can think in your head is you, which means ONLY YOU can change your thinking.

Choosing the better-feeling thought – Mini Quiz!

It’s time to guide you towards the better-feeling thought!

Below are pairs of thoughts. YOU decide which thought feels better:

question_20mark1. Which thought feels better?
a. Time is running out for me
b. There is still time for my dreams to come true

2. Which thought feels better?
a. I can become a mother at any age
b. I’m too old to have a baby

3. Which thought feels better?
a. We should have started trying earlier
b. All my life experience makes me a better mother now, than ever before

I have created a step-by-step guide that I welcome you to download, to gently move you towards those good-feeling thoughts you want to be thinking!

[thrive_2step id=’14313′]Click here to download the guide![/thrive_2step]

Instead of thinking over and over “I should have started earlier,” you’ll be walked through a process like this one:

There is still hope for me to become a mother
I’m getting the help I need
There are so many options out there now to conceive
It’s miraculous what technology can do
If I want to have a baby I can do it
Becoming a mother is meant to be for me

Did you notice how your emotions gradually lifted into a better-feeling place?

You can change your thoughts about whatever you’re feeling bad about! Like your age, egg quality, starting or stopping treatment, getting pregnant and staying pregnant–you name it, you can feel more positive about it.

What if you’re feeling so negative, you’re depressed?

If you’ve been feeling bad for a long time because you’ve gone through a loss or multiple cycles that haven’t resulted in pregnancy, it’s normal to feel depressed.

In that case, it’s harder to shift into a positive-feeling place, so please don’t be too hard on yourself.

What I recommend if you’re feeling down is yoga and meditation. They really will help you feel better. My Moon Goddess fertility yoga & meditation program guides you step by step to erase negative thinking, restore faith in your body’s ability to conceive, calm your stressed-out mind, and reduce the physiological impacts of stress to increase your chances of pregnancy.

You can go here to find out more about it.

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