If you are preparing your body for successful IVF in 2017, then hopefully you’ve had a chance to read our previous post on the first crucial step: cleansing your environment of toxic products and chemicals that disrupt hormones.

After you go through the detox checklist and make a plan for removing those chemicals from your life, we come to the fun part: putting the good stuff back in.

Creating this new set of habits can feel overwhelming – especially if you’re not used to eating specifically fertility-enhancing foods (who is?!)

There are specific sets of food that will help regulate ovulation, stabilize blood sugar, strengthen your hormones, and that support getting pregnant – even despite PCOS!

Getting rid of toxins is crucial, but we can’t stop there—it’s just as important to replace those items with healthy alternatives.

That’s why I created Part 2 of the IVF preparation checklist – Nourish! In this second checklist, you’ll find foods to nourish and nurture your body and foster a healthy environment for conception (and don’t worry, it’s all delicious and nothing too out there!).

I tell you what foods to introduce into your diet, and exactly why they support fertility.

Click here to download the checklists!

The benefits of eating a natural fertility diet are endless. Just some of the perks include: 

  • Providing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that protect egg and sperm health
  • Providing the healthy fats needed to maintain hormonal balance
  • Possibly decrease the chances of miscarriage from insulin resistance or free radical damage
  • Building important nutrient stores for pregnancy

Not to mention the overall health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, providing energy, increasing vitality, and feeling GOOD.

Download our Nourish for IVF Success Checklist Here