Googling doesn’t always equal knowledge

I’m always amazed when I speak to women who are on the fertility journey. Whether you’re just getting started trying to conceive or whether it’s been a while – how much time are you spending on Google and online forums in search of that missing piece of information that will finally get you pregnant?

This constant searching for answers can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Imagine if you used that time you’re spending googling for answers to get quiet and listen to what your body is trying to tell you?

Today as I sat in meditation I noticed this heaviness in my heart. It’s not a new heaviness, but it was particularly intense this morning. So I sat mindfully and breathed into it. Instead of feeling overwhelmed (like I anticipated), I felt a sense of wholeness. By giving my attention to my heart, I became aware of my whole body and the heaviness dissipated.

With each passing cycle that doesn’t result in pregnancy, it’s normal to feel powerless. It’s normal to have a heavy heart.

And none of us wants to feel powerless or in pain.

So we look for a way to regain control and quell our anxiety. And the internet gives us that ‘fix’ even if it’s just for an hour or two. It makes us feel like we’re doing something.

The problem is, that extra information doesn’t usually change our situation. And it often disconnects us from our bodies.

What if your body has the answers you’re trying so hard to find, and you just need turn the key that will unlock the door to your inner wisdom?

Instead of trying to fix your infertility by consuming more information, what if you got quiet and listened to what your body is trying to tell you?

If this idea is new for you, I invite you to close your eyes right now and take a deep belly breath. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and breathe.

Take comfort in the waves of each inhale and exhale – in and out of your nostrils.

This is your time. You will be a mother. How you get there is in your hands.

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