While mediating today I felt the beautiful and powerful presence of a Goddess.  As she floated through my awareness I was filled with her grace and ease and all-knowingness.  I felt waves of peace wash over me and calm my heart and my mind.

What a welcome relief from all the fear, anxiety and confusion I have been feeling lately!   It’s been a bumpy ride coming back to India after 4.5 months of being away from my beloved and being here with him has stirred up all kinds of doubts and questions like: Is this really for me?  Can I really make this place my home?  How is this going to work?

So today I quiet the noise of my mind and I meditate on knowing. When I notice the confusion and fear crop up I stop myself and I consciously merge with the absolute, infinite and expansive knowing that this Goddess is showing me.  She feels so clear and so calm that I easily lay down doubt and confusion at her feet and melt into her knowing for Me.