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If you’re like most women, you never thought you’d have trouble conceiving. In fact, you always believed that getting pregnant would be easy. But now that you’re ready to have a baby, you find yourself trying harder than ever and not getting the results you want.

So you keep reading the ‘right’ books and taking the ‘right’ pills and doing everything in your power to increase your chances of conceiving. After all, you’re on a tight schedule. And as a successful, A-type personality woman, you believe that when you focus on your goal and work hard, you must have success.

But if you’ve been on this fertility journey for a while, and you’ve been having difficulty conceiving or you’ve conceived and miscarried, you might be starting to question more deeply. Especially if you’ve been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. No matter how many tests the doctors run, they can’t tell you why you’re not able to get pregnant or stay pregnant.

What I find startling, is that so many women in our society are struggling to get pregnant with no clear reason why. Rest assured that you are not alone.

Did you know that over 7 million women in North America have difficulty getting or staying pregnant? And that medical treatments like IUI and IVF only have a success rate of around 22%?

Here’s the truth about unexplained infertility – like painful periods, pms, irregular periods and so many other reproductive health issues – unexplained infertility is a symptom of a much deeper issue.

Before I share the big picture problem with you, I want to stress that you are not to blame. Because no matter how long you waited before you started trying, it is not your fault that you aren’t conceiving. Quite the opposite actually. Unexplained infertility is a symptom of a deep seated problem within our society. And this problem goes far beyond the toxins in our food, water and air.

The reality is: For the last 5000 years women have inherited beliefs that are working against our bodies.

Beliefs like our menstrual blood is disgusting and our periods are a messy inconvenience we need to deal with behind closed doors. Our male dominated religions have preached for millennia about the shameful nature of a woman’s menstruating body and how our sensuality is a source of evil.

Even more recently, we’ve been told not to over express our sexuality because if we’re too free sexually, we’re slutty or loose… or that women are overly emotional, or that femininity is considered a weakness in a male dominated world. And so these messages from old and new sources continue to shame us on a subconscious level.

And this inherited shame has translated to many women being at odds with their periods and their female bodies. Whether consciously or not, these beliefs are now showing up in our female bodies as painful menstruation, unfulfilled sexuality and worst of all unexplained infertility.

Think about it, how many of us are unhappy about how we look naked? How many of us are uncomfortable owning the full expression of our sexuality? How many of us would be mortified if we were caught walking around with a period blood stain on our backside?

Whether we’re consciously aware of these beliefs or feelings isn’t the point. The reality is this shame around our bodies has been passed down to us for generations and it underpins a woman’s cellular experience of her body, her sexuality and most importantly her fertility. Not understanding this is affecting our lives, our bodies and our fertility.

Painful periods, terrible pms, unexplained infertility, these are all symptoms of a greater problem – that we are disconnected from what makes us essentially women. As women we are at odds with what makes us female, our very own biology, and this affects us at a cellular level.

If you have a specific reproductive health problem, that is a clear sign that you are not connected with your feminine in a healthy way (either consciously or sub consciously). And this is not your fault.

But you need to heal and reclaim your connection to the feminine. If you’re a woman who is yearning to conceive, and you’re ready to find a lasting solution to your unexplained infertility, then I ask you to consider this truth. The truth is, every woman needs to deliberately replace the collective unconscious shame around our female bodies and our femininity, or we cannot heal. And if we cannot heal, we will continue to have infertility issues that can’t be explained by medical science.