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Last week we talked about the 3 BIG contradictions of trying to conceive during the coronavirus pandemic. This week for National Infertility Awareness Week we’re looking at the 3 mindset shifts that accompany these contradictions.

If you missed it, catch up on Mindset Shift #1 and Mindset Shift #2.

For today’s Mindset Shift #3 we’re talking about choice–something it might feel like you’ve lost in all this…but have you?

On the surface, yes.

Suddenly the fertility team you were working with has been dismantled, at least for the short term.

No more acupuncture, no more clinic visits, no more cycle monitoring, bloodwork or ultrasounds.

Any IVF or FET or IUI procedure is indefinitely on hold.

Even meds you were on might no longer be an option because you can’t be monitored.

What I want you to consider is that these new circumstances have actually given you some new options.

In our world of Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART), there are many people involved in the process of helping you get pregnant.

There’s also so much external stuff going on (all those tests, bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc.), with a constant focus on your body.

Often, though, the most important person gets lost in all the poking of needles and prodding of ultrasound probes: you.

And almost always, your emotions and your internal reality get relegated to the bottom of the priority list in all the focus on your body.

Regular life (the one where you go to work, go to parties, go to events and meetings) promotes disconnection from self.

The fertility journey promotes even more of it — and not just disconnection from self but disbelief in self.

After a long enough time of not conceiving, you’re forced to put yourself in the hands of others.

You feel like you have no choice but to become a participant in invasive procedures you don’t really want. (Having needles poked into you daily? It’s not what any of us would choose.)

You may have gone to the fertility clinic in the first place because you lost the belief in yourself.

Now, all of those people are gone. All or most of those external approaches are on hold.

You have to put the belief back in yourself…because there’s nobody else there now.

Ultimately, it really is you and your partner.

So here is Mindset Shift #3:

The taking away of your options has opened the way for a new option, one that is focused on YOU, your self-connection, your inner healing, and on rebuilding that trust in yourself and your body.

But you don’t have to do it all alone.

If you’re TTC with a partner, I hope you’re self-isolating together and can use this opportunity to turn to each other in the absence of that external team.

But I also want to offer more support with Mindset Shift #3, with a free ticket to a speakers series called the Fruitful Fertility Summit.

This summit is hosted by fertility coach and medical intuitive Cassandra Bach. What I love about her story is that she credits becoming a mother to a mindset shift of her own.

For 2 years Cassandra struggled to conceive. When she realized she hadn’t fully committed to her chosen path of solo parenthood, she focused on changing her mindset. Two weeks later, she was pregnant for the first time…at the age of 44.

Cassandra and I talked recently for the Fruitful Fertility Summit, and I really want to share this interview with you to help you in your own mindset shifts during these pandemic times.

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All of them will help you broaden your perspective on what this time can offer you.

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