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Lately I have seen three different clients who have each suffered 5 miscarriages (or more).

It breaks my heart every time to hear about a woman losing her child, no matter how early on. It’s not only the loss of a baby but the dream of becoming a mother, of caring for and nurturing that child, that doctors and sometimes even loved ones don’t seem to understand.

So it lands on us to hold space for our own broken-heartedness, which honestly no one should be expected to do.

Whether or not you have lost a pregnancy, I think only women on the fertility journey truly understand how hard it is to “just keep going.”

But I think that’s part of the problem. There is this idea that we need to keep pushing through like female warriors on the quest of making a baby.

But the heart and the womb don’t work that way. They can’t be pushed into doing what we want. You can’t make your heart love any more than you can make your womb reproduce.

But you can nurture them.

That’s the message I shared with my client Shelena, who has lost 5 pregnancies all before 6 weeks. Making her heartbreak even worse, her doctor doesn’t consider them “real miscarriages” because a heartbeat was never detected.

So after her most recent loss, she came for a Womb Blessing.

I was amazed at how her body responded. Her womb was literally drinking in the energy. I have never felt such a physical thirst from a woman’s body. It’s as though her womb was starving for the Divine Feminine reconnection.

On some level, I think we all are. We’re starving to reconnect with our feminine nature because in our daily lives we’re told to just “pick yourself up and keep going.”

Like Anya, who also lost five pregnancies. When she came for a Womb Blessing I suggested we light five candles to represent her miscarriages.

Afterward she said:

“I resisted doing anything to commemorate them myself because I was afraid to revisit the experiences but obviously I needed to let go somehow. I found that small, ceremonial gesture so moving and very effective. It was the first time that I truly acknowledged these souls and said goodbye.”

That night, after her Womb Blessing, she felt very relaxed and at ease. She told me, “Now I feel lighter about my efforts to become pregnant and more at peace with my past experiences.”  

In our own way, I think we all are longing for acknowledgment and healing. Because if we never stop to acknowledge our pain, healing can’t happen.

And you can “push through it” up to a point. But at some point you need help.

Help that isn’t medical. Help that isn’t trying to “fix you.” Help that’s healing for you.

I want to extend that help to you with a Womb Blessing Ceremony.

Because a Womb Blessing is a direct reconnection between the earth, your heart and your womb.

And to help you begin that reconnection immediately, I want you to have a special meditation called the Womb Tree meditation.

Just click HERE to download the meditation.

This is your birthright as a woman, Goddess. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to claim that birthright and begin healing your heart-womb connection.

Download the Womb Tree meditation HERE and begin healing.

Love and delight,