For the past week I’ve been sharing the 3 BIG contradictions of trying to conceive during the coronavirus, plus insights to help you navigate the mental and emotional struggles of being on the fertility journey in these unprecedented times.

If you’re just joining the conversation, catch up on Contradiction #1, Contradiction #2 and Contradiction #3

Starting today, just in time for National Infertility Awareness Week, we’ll be exploring how those 3 contradictions can become 3 mindset shifts to help set you forth on a whole new fertility path…even during a pandemic!

The first contradiction of trying to conceive during the Coronavirus is about time:

The fact that it feels like time is running out, that you’re losing even more precious time if you put TTC on hold while you wait for the pandemic to end…yet all of a sudden all this time and space has opened up in your schedule.

Can you take a long, deep, belly breath in and feel the spaciousness of that?

When was the last time you weren’t running around from clinic appointments to work to acupuncture and pharmacy runs? Then trying to fit in your fertility affirmations, visualizations, meditations and yoga before bed…then scrambling in the morning to make your fertility smoothie and pack a healthy lunch before your commute to work.

All that running around has poof disappeared — as if by magic!

Now you have time — precious, longed-after time to feel and process your emotions, to journal, to luxuriate in bed in the morning and then glide onto your yoga mat and meditate.

When you meditate time expands.

All that tension pent up in your mind and body softens, giving way to space, an invitation into stillness, to detach from outcome and expectation. There is only now; there is only is-ness.

Normally it feels like we’re running against the clock, always falling behind our list of to-do’s.

With the pandemic you have no choice but to slow down enough to stop and drop into a place of utter stillness — a place of timelessness, where there is no rush.

How you feel and what you believe really does affect your fertility.

Stress (like the kind that comes from anxiety about time running out) can prevent ovulation or encourage the release of a premature egg.

That’s good news, because it also means that a mindset shift can have a concrete physiological effect.

This leads us to Mindset Shift #1: From “I’m running out of time” to “There is no rush.”

Can you feel the difference in your body — how everything tenses inside when you’re rushing, and the spaciousness that arises from dropping into timelessness?

Instead of the contraction of shortage, it feels like the flow of abundance. A space opens up to be, to allow, to create.

You can return your stressed brain and body to a state of calm.

To help you make this mindset shift and dip into this sacred place of timelessness, I have a gift for you.

My Meditation on Timelessness will take you to this place of is-ness. If you feel like you’re losing too much time, it will help you get back in touch with your inner knowing that you are absolutely meant to be a mother.

You’ll feel how perfectly divine your timing is.

Just set aside 8 minutes where you won’t be disturbed, click the video below, and begin…

Next up is Mindset Shift #2. This one has to do with being and feeling alone…and how you can use this period of enforced isolation and solitude so that you emerge in a stronger place for your fertility journey.

P.S. I want to reiterate that in this series we’re focusing on the mental and emotional struggles of being on the fertility journey in these unprecedented times. We’re not talking about contra-indications (medical reasons why you shouldn’t conceive), but rather the mental and emotional paradoxes many are experiencing as women on the fertility journey during coronavirus. But of course, if you’ve been advised by your medical practitioner not to get pregnant, or if doing so would put you (or your baby) at risk, please follow that advice.