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Whether you’re actively trying to get pregnant right now or you’re officially taking a break but still want to nurture your fertility wellbeing, this week we’re diving into a new series: The 3 BIG Contradictions of Trying to Conceive During the Coronavirus.

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Today we’re delving into…

Contradiction #1: I’m running out of time but I have more time than ever

When you’re trying to conceive, it feels like a race against time.

Every day you’re either getting closer to 40 or that much further past it, and it feels harder and harder to expect you’ll get pregnant naturally.

Even with treatment there’s no guarantee because, as your doctor keeps reminding you, “your eggs are old.”

It feels disheartening on a regular day, and now that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic the loss of time can feel even worse.

Because it’s out of your control.

Just like the timing of when you’ll finally get pregnant feels out of your control, so does the timeline of the coronavirus.

They both amplify the same unknown variable: the passing of time and the waiting that goes along with it.

And you’ve already been waiting — waiting for the next cycle, waiting for ovulation, waiting for those two lines that say you’re pregnant or waiting for your period to tell you you’re not.

And if you were doing IVF, the wait-and-see game is even harder. How many eggs? How big? How many embryos at day 1… day 2… day 3… By day 5 are there any left?

If you do have an embryo or two to transfer, next you’ll have those two weeks of waiting for your beta test, waiting to find out if it worked, waiting to know if you’ll finally be parents.

So you’re no stranger to waiting, but now?

Fertility clinics are closed… indefinitely. Treatments are on hold… indefinitely. And then there’s the advice from some doctors that you shouldn’t even be trying at home.

How long will you be stuck waiting for this to pass? Waiting to go back to the clinic? Waiting before you can start trying again?

How much longer can you put getting pregnant on hold when time already feels like it’s running out for you?

So here’s Contradiction #1:

While it feels like time is running out, all of a sudden you have a lot more time on your hands.

Time to think, time to feel, time at home with your partner — to feel close, to reconnect intimately, maybe to have sex just because you feel like it.

Suddenly time is in abundance. But what will you do with this time?

I hope you won’t spend countless hours online scaring yourself with the latest statistics. And I do hope you’ll relax into the space and time that’s opened up in your days to be.

And by “being” I don’t mean binge-watching Netflix, but gently guiding that worried mind of yours in positive and uplifting ways, like through meditation and positive affirmations — something I’ll be helping you with over the next few days, so keep watching your inbox.

Next we’ll look at Contradiction #2 of being on the fertility journey in the time of coronavirus.

This one has to do with the sense of aloneness you already felt trying to conceive…and how self-isolation is affecting that.

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