The Full Frosty Moon is here, and you're invited to meditate with me in the video below. This one goes deep: I guide you through a Kundalini breath meditation to balance women’s cycles and release you from negativity, but first we talk about the powerful call to return to the Feminine, the darkness that may be sending us there, the crisis of the feminine that means we MUST find our way back to the Great Mother.

You'll find the meditation recording at the bottom of this post. The full moon energies are still strong, so you can participate as soon as you’re ready.

There’s a deep healing happening within you, Goddess…within all of us are gathering under this moon, who are feeling that deep inner pull toward the Divine Feminine.

This is not a flowery exploration but an invitation to go into the depths. The crisis of the feminine is calling us back to the Great Mother.

Your wake-up call could be a lonely heart, a broken heart, a failed relationship. The loss of a child, the loss of a parent. Cancer, hysterectomy, ectopic pregnancy, infertility. Painful and persistent problems in your female body: PCOS or endometriosis that took years to diagnose,  irregular cycles or period pain that your doctor wants to throw the Pill at and be done with it.

There are so many ways that the feminine is calling us. And it’s usually through sadness.

That’s what happens when there’s no other way for us to hear the call.

It’s not a gentle tap on the shoulder. It’s not a demure waving hello.

It’s a full-throttle crying out: “Hear my need.”

I’m here to tell you, Beautiful Goddess, that it can be a dark and difficult journey, but healing the feminine and opening to her spacious, warm, receptive energy changes everything.

So to start–whether you’re trying to conceive or you struggle with hormonal health problems or you simply know you’re divorced from your female essence and you want to get back to it–meditate along with this month’s Full Frosty Moon live cast.

Just click play on the video: