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Are you a perfectionist?

I recently read that perfectionism is highly correlated with a fear of failure. It made me wonder, to what lengths will we go to feel ‘good enough’?

I remember when I was in grade school, if I got a B+ instead of an A I would cry. My self-esteem was totally dependent on getting results.

In my mind-body fertility coaching practice, I talk to a lot of women who are over-achievers and self-proclaimed perfectionists. Typically, they did well in school, excelled in their career and took a lot of pride in working hard and getting results.

But when we apply this linear model of success to getting pregnant, women can’t understand why it doesn’t work the same way. After all, we’re a generation of women who were told we can have it all!

And infertility cuts to the heart of our biggest fear: that we can’t. Even if we’re doing everything ‘right,’ when pregnancy isn’t happening we secretly wonder, ‘what am I doing wrong?’ And more importantly, ‘how do I fix it?’

Take the pressure off ‘trying’ to get it right

Before working with me, many of my clients admit to spending hours online searching for answers. Reading stories of other women’s challenges and how they overcame all the odds. But not really getting to the heart of their own challenges.

In one of my most recent sessions with a client from Switzerland (let’s call her Erica), she had a subconscious belief that she had to be in control to preserve her life.

If you’re an A-type personality woman you can probably relate to the constant need to be in control. To get it right. And yet the very nature of womanhood is wildness. Periods are messy, birth is messy, sex is messy – none of it can be controlled. All of these aspects of being a woman require letting go and being in the flow. There’s no right or wrong. It just is.

But when you’re struggling to conceive, how do you let go? How do you stop trying to get it right?

It requires surrender and trust.

You may have heard the phrase: Ask. Believe. Receive. Your desire to have a baby is your ask. Believing is the second step. Worry, stress and negative thoughts are clear signs that your belief is weak. The last step is to open and receive.

In the Moon Goddess fertility enhancing-yoga and meditation program I guide you through all 3 steps: Ask. Believe. Receive.


In your first week of Moon Goddess I will show you how to set your intention. With conversation-style questions, you’ll feel gently guided and tenderly supported to open your channel of communication to the Divine.

These are words you will then use to begin your yoga & meditation practice on the mat.


If you’re worried about your age, your uterine health or the quality of your eggs, or you get stressed-out at ovulation and your period is a source of disappointment (or failure), then you need to restore faith in your female body. That’s what the Moon Goddess practice is designed to do. Altogether you’ll get 4 videos.

In Moon Goddess Video 1:
• You’ll connect heart and womb and set a focused intention for your practice with the ancient Adi Mantra.

In Moon Goddess Video 2:
• You’ll follow a gentle and easy flow of 11 fertility yoga postures to support your reproductive organs.
Benefits: Circulate blood flow into your hips, pelvis, uterus and ovaries to produce healthier eggs and a thicker lining.

In Moon Goddess Video 3:
• I will guide you step-by-step through a kundalini yoga sequence to gently stimulate the pituitary gland (this gland regulates your fertility hormones FSH, LH, estrogen & progesterone)
Benefits: Naturally restore balance to your hormones, menstrual cycle and ovulation.

In Moon Goddess Video 4:
• Lie down, relax and take in the healing effects of your fertility yoga practice.
• Then we’ll meditate together using an ancient breathing technique designed to balance your menstrual cycle and erase negative thinking.
Benefits: Relax, let go and take on a glow that’s gorgeous and undeniable!


Receptivity is born out of your feminine energy. You need to soften, open and allow conception to happen through the vessel of your body. It’s not an act of doing, rather an act of being. You’ll feel so much better when you allow it to happen instead of trying to make it happen.

As part of Moon Goddess you’ll receive 4 audio meditation tracks, to open to your four feminine energies. As you learn to play with your inner goddess you’ll be able to relax into the energy of conception.

Ask. Believe. Receive. Give it a try.

Sign up for Moon Goddess. It’s a 12-week program delivered online. So simple, you can easily follow along at home. Plus you’ll get a 30-miniuteconsultation with me at no cost. You won’t find anything else out there like it.

And the beautiful part is, 50% of my clients have gone on to have healthy, happy pregnancies.

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