Are you love-making or baby-making?

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while now, there's a very good chance that sex is not what it once was for you. Passion, spontaneity, intimacy, fun…these once-key ingredients to the sex life you shared with your partner can get buried deep under the need to have sex on a timetable and make it count. When sex becomes about timing and an end goal, all too often pleasure and connection don't even come into the picture anymore.

We’re starting off a fresh year of trying to conceive. What if this year you could take some of the focus off trying to make a baby and instead reconnect with your sensual self and the love you share with your partner?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I want to inspire you to let go of the pressure to have sex during ovulation and use Valentine's Day as a spark to rekindle passion and restore intimacy. Because when sex is a pure expression of your love, you're tapping into the force that ignited your desire for a child in the first place—and that will ultimately create new life between you.

It’s a miraculous thing to be able to create a life between two people’s bodies. Even if you’re trying to conceive outside the bedroom through assisted cycles, it doesn’t mean your sex life has to be devoid of passion. So how can we bring the pleasure back to your love-making and take the pressure off baby-making?

Imagine for a moment…

Imagine how erotic it would be to scrawl a sexy message on the bathroom mirror in the morning. To follow it up with a dirty text at noon, building the anticipation of what you’re planning for that night. You meet each other in the bedroom—or on the kitchen table or the living room carpet—and you're fully present with each other, playful, relaxed, expressing your love and enjoying each other’s bodies just for the sake of it. You whisper in his ear exactly how you want to be touched. And he touches you…for no other reason than your own pleasure.

Sex can be romantic, fun, stress-relieving, and a huge source of connection between you and your partner—but from the trenches of trying to conceive, it's easy to forget that.

So that’s why I’m doing a webinar this February 12th to help you harness the energy of Valentine’s Day to get your sex life back to the way it used to be. I want to help you let go of the pressure and constraints of goal-oriented baby-making and relax into love-making with the sole intention of giving and receiving pleasure. And the beautiful by-product of bringing the joy back into your love-making is that you'll improve your chances of conceiving! I can't wait to share what sex therapist Rae Dolman and I have planned for this webinar just in time for Valentine's.

Rae_DolmanBring Back the Joy In Baby-Making – Free Training!

On Thursday February 12th at 1pm EST (10am PST), Sex Therapist Rae Dolman and I will be co-hosting a free live training where we'll show you how to ‘Bring Back the Joy in Baby-Making'.

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During this special training we will show you:

▪ The #1 way to feel closer to your partner and even feel stirrings of sexual excitement like you used to when you first met.

▪ The most fun and effective way to take the pressure off baby-making especially during ovulation and improve your chances of conceiving (this is not what you might think).

▪ How to bring back the pleasure, spontenaity & play into your sexlife and enjoy the stress-relieving, connecting & romantic experience of love-making like never before.

▪ The top 3 ingredients of a great sexual encounter and 2 sexy and fun games you can play this Valentine's Day to surprise and delight your partner.


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We can't wait to help you re-energize your sex life and make this Valentine's Day the one you'll remember with a smile!