Has taking care of your fertility turned into just another TO-DO?

When I speak to my clients who are totally stressed out by all the ‘trying,’ what I notice is a lot of doing. Whether it’s taking your basal body temperature first thing in the morning or gulping down a not-so-tasty herbal concoction from your Chinese Medicine Doctor, often my clients say, “How can you tell me to take the focus off ‘trying’? If I’m sticking a thermometer up my you-know-what, obviously I’m doing something that I wouldn’t do if I weren't trying!

So I gave this question some thought. How do you NOT turn your fertility self-care regime into just another to-do? Because, honestly, there is a lot to do.

The key is to infuse everything you do with love

And I’m not just talking about an idea of love. I’m referring to the feeling of love. It helps to remember your intention. Why are you sticking that thermometer in your mouth or up your yoni? Why are you ingesting strange herbs or injecting yourself with meds or getting pricked weekly with acupuncture needles? It’s because you yearn to have a baby. Because you know you’re meant to be a mother. That’s why.

So remember that next time you do something related to improving your chances of conceiving, and see if helps transcend that stressed-out crossing-tasks-off-an-endless-list pressure.

But most importantly, remember this love when you’re making love to your partner. Whether you’re in a treatment cycle or trying to get pregnant the old-fashioned way, don’t let sex become just another to-do.

Sex is a sacred expression of the love you share with your partner. It needs to be nurtured and tended to like a delicate flower. But it’s all too easy to trade intimacy for intercourse when you’ve been trying to conceive for a while.

So this Valentine’s Day I want you to pledge to take the focus off trying and refocus on loving each other. Because there is power on a day where so many couples are focused on making love. And you can harness all that love to re-energize your sex life. If you’ve spent months or even years trying hard to make a baby, I urge you to put love back at the centre of everything you're doing but especially in your sex life.

Join me and Rae Dolman, Sex Therapist and my special guest, who will show you how to Bring Back the Joy In Baby-Making. You and your partner deserve to have your sex life restored to the way it was before infertility.

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