It's a potent moon this month: not only the first moon of the year, but a lunar eclipse on a Supermoon. So many women are telling me how powerful this full super blood moon has been for them! If you missed our full moon live cast meditation, it's not too late to harness that powerful energy. 

January's moon is known as the Wolf Moon, and in the meditation you'll find below, I talk about the inspiration we can draw from the symbolism of the wolf–especially from the way wolves live, hunt and travel in packs. 

Because we women also thrive most when we come together in sisterhood. 

There’s a communal feminine wisdom and strength that we can tap into when we aren’t trying to figure everything out on our own. 

The crones among us have so much to share from their experience. 

And all of us, no matter our stage of life, can offer support, wisdom, and the relief of knowing we are not alone–that whatever it is we’re going through, whatever it is we’re trying to achieve, overcome, become…others are there with us.

Miranda Gray says that as one woman changes her womb, the wombs of all the women around her change too. 

You’ve probably had that experience when your cycle synched up with the cycles of the women you live or work with.

It’s a profound thought: that we are so intimately connected that one woman’s body can change another’s.

That’s why I love the idea of the Red Tent: women coming together not only to pool resources and support each other, but coming together to honour the processes and the wisdom of their female bodies.  

Because it’s within our bodies that the ancient, collective feminine wisdom lives. 

So what is your soul howling for in 2019?

Is it community? A baby? Your heart’s desire for your relationship, your creative dream, your business or career?

Drop into stillness, connect with your body and soul, and meditate along with your very own Goddess wolf pack: