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A big thank you to all who joined me for the Strawberry Solstice Moon meditation! I loved honouring the Solstice with you. 

Solstice is a celebration of light and dark, masculine (Sun) and feminine (Moon), Yang and Yin. The Sun is at its peak and the Moon is closest to the Earth. It’s a time of both beginnings and endings. 

If you weren’t able to tune in live with us, don’t worry, you’ll find the replay video below.

In addition to our usual full moon meditation, where we called in this month’s moon rays, we also practiced a meditation to:

  • explore the dynamic relationship and balance between the male and female energies of the sun (masculine) and the moon (feminine); 
  • tune into our true intention for what you’d like to manifest in your life during the second half of the year; and 
  • harness the energy of the mother archetype: growth, energy, flourishing and abundance

In summer, we are nourished and sustained by the warmth and brightness of the sun, giving us higher energy levels as well as longer days. We are currently in the energy of the Triple Goddess (Full Moon, Summer, and the Mother Archetype). Consider what you’re nurturing in your life right now. This is a potent time for creating what you desire. It’s a time of fruition – the seeds and intentions you planted in your spiritual garden this spring are growing and bearing fruit. You can lovingly support and tend to your garden of manifestation. 

Before you watch the meditation, I invite you to reflect on the first and second half of the year by imagining yourself at the halfway point of 2021. Look back at the first half of the year and ask yourself: What am I leaving behind?

Now look forward from where you are towards the end of the year and ask yourself: What am I moving toward?

In the replay I take you deeper into this exploration of completion and beginnings plus we’ll meditate with the moon rays of orange and black.

Just click below to access the replay.