Can you trust your body like you trust the earth?

The Spring Equinox is finally approaching. We’ve had a long, hard winter here in the western hemisphere, but now budding growth, new beginnings, and new possibilities are on their way.

Like the earth, we women transition cyclically from the restful, fallow hibernation of fall and winter to the abundance and flourishing of spring and summer.

Springtime is like the season of pre-ovulation, the Maiden energy that comes after the winter of menstruation. And even when winter is long like this one has been, none of us doubts that eventually we’ll see the green grass peeking out from under the snow.

I’m wondering if we can apply that same faith to our bodies.

When your period comes yet again after months of trying to conceive, can you give yourself permission to know that your body mirrors the cycles of nature?

The Maiden brings the gift of rebirth

Springtime Maiden energy can be a wonderful opportunity to renew your faith in your fertility. It’s a perfect time to connect with the youthful, vibrant part of you that is full of energy and possibility.

After menstruation and before ovulation, you experience a rise in estrogen, the feel-good hormone that can help you forget about the disappointment and literally renew your hope. The time right after we bleed is all about rebirth, new enthusiasm, mental clarity and physical vigor. For a woman trying to conceive, pre-ovulation is a fresh month and a fresh start. It’s an ideal time to repeat positive affirmations and plan for the future you desire.

On this fertility journey that is so often an endless cycle of expectation and despair, you can use the return of spring to break out of that helpless cycle. Let hope grow like the budding of the season, so that you’re not just preparing yourself for disappointment as you cycle past ovulation—you’re suspending yourself in a place of possibility.

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