Take control of your Valentine's Day & re-energize your sex life

Whether on the fertility journey or on Valentine's Day, the focus is so often on us women. It’s about our desires, our feelings, our disappointments and dreams.

We kind of forget–how does he feel?

Maybe he doesn’t talk about it, but he must have emotions around not being able to get pregnant. He might be frustrated that sex has become all about an end goal. He undoubtedly misses the spontaneous expression of lust and love that sexual intimacy once was. Some men feel used for their sperm, desired not for themselves but for their capacity to put a baby inside you.

Men are also traditionally the ones who feel the pressure to make Valentine's Day special—to buy the right flowers, book the right table at the right restaurant, concoct a surprise that will please us.

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Bring out your inner Enchantress

This year, instead of waiting for him to make Valentine's Day special for you, wouldn't it be fun to take charge and make it special for him?

Be the Enchantress. Introduce something new: a sexy game, a sex toy, full body massage, erotica to read out loud. It’s so sexy to a man when a woman goes toward the erotic. At the end of the day, a guy doesn’t want chocolates and flowers and heart-shaped cards—he wants an erotic night. He wants a blow job! Put the focus on that this Valentine's Day, and it'll end up being pretty hot for you, too.

And if you need some inspiration…in my upcoming webinar with sex therapist Rae Dolman, we’ll be sharing a sexy card game for you to try, along with a lot of other ideas to help you harness the energy of Valentine's Day, reenergize your sex life, and set it on a new course. I'm so excited to be bringing Rae's wisdom to you. I really hope you'll join us, and be inspired for a Valentine's Day you are both going to be talking about for a long time to come!

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We can't wait to help you re-energize your sex life and make this Valentine's Day the one you'll remember with a smile!