Solstice dreams

The Summer Solstice is around the corner and the New Moon has recently passed, and both of these have me thinking about new beginnings and new ways to generate abundance and manifest dreams.

Solstice is a time of celebrating the fullness of life. The New Moon is all about setting new intentions and opening to new paths and new opportunities. So I've been asking myself:

What do I want to create? What wild & adventurous breakthrough do I long for?

And I think you're going to love what I've come up with!

OHIP for IVF: What can we do while we wait?

As those of you who live in Ontario probably know, it’s been well over a year since the government here promised to provide IVF funding to couples struggling with infertility. One year and three months later, we’re still waiting for this promise to come to fruition.

There's not much power or inspiration in sitting around waiting. So I’ve been thinking about this legislation and the thousands of couples whose dreams are on hold, wondering how I might get involved. We'd all feel a lot more positive and energized about this if we could be proactive.

I've been pondering: is there something we could do to bring conscious energy and awareness to this need? To make a real difference in local communities? And even—here's the really exciting part—is there something we could do to grant a free IVF to at least one waiting family who couldn’t otherwise afford it?

And I’ve come up with a plan!

I'm so excited to finally share it with you! I can't wait to hear what you think about it, because I'm really hoping you'll want to get involved too.

Here it is: I'm launching a campaign to partner with fertility clinics across Ontario to bring a free IVF to one couple in the community who needs it.

This couple would receive the treatment they couldn't otherwise afford, and they—along with other local couples—would get to experience my Moon Goddess mind-body practice to reduce their stress and increase their receptivity to treatment. (Which may even result in spontaneous pregnancy without IVF—it's certainly happened before!) And the more clinics we have on board, the more pressure we put on the government to act on their intentions. But even if they still take a while to implement the funding…at least we're doing something!

LifeQuest IVF in Toronto has already joined the campaign. I’ve started reaching out to other local fertility clinics. And while we might be focused in Ontario for now, we know the issue of IVF funding is crucial across Canada and around the world, so regardless of where you live, we’d love to have you get involved too.

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Here are some ideas:

• Is there a clinic near you that you think we should get in touch with? Perhaps a doctor or clinic manager you have a personal relationship with, who you feel would be especially open to this kind of community engagement and to partnering with a mind-body approach? Leave a note in the comments or send us an email to let us know.

• Can you post about our campaign on your Facebook or Twitter page to help raise awareness of the issue and what we’re doing about it? The more social media traction we can get, the better the chances this campaign has of going big. (If you’re not already following us on Facebook or Twitter, do that now so you don’t miss anything.)

• If you or someone you know is currently preparing for IVF, can you let your clinic know about the campaign so that you or your friend has a chance at winning the free IVF?

I’m so excited to see where we can take this! Please let me know if there are other ways you want to get involved—I'd love to make this a grassroots community effort.