Thank you so much to all of you who joined me today to meditate with the Worldwide Womb Blessing on the Full Snow Moon! 

I just love what Miranda Gray says about this year: “The key to 2021 is being centred in LOVE – the strength of love for ourselves, the strength of love of family and friends, and the strength of love to help and care for others. When we give love, we become more loving. By making others strong, we become stronger. This is the path of the Mother for 2021.⁠”

If you weren’t available at the live cast time or you’re just joining us now, don’t worry — I’m including the recording below, and you can watch the replay as soon as you’re ready. 

On the livecast we practiced the Womb Renewal meditation to release limiting beliefs, out-dated patterns, and physical and emotional traumas from our womb space.  Now we can begin a new cycle feeling lighter and brighter. This healing allows us to regain our self-confidence and to awaken more fully to the pleasure of being a woman.  

In our fast paced lives it’s easy to lose touch with our feminine sides.

We’re under so much pressure to manage work, relationships, and family obligations it’s so often our self-care and self-connection that gets forgotten. I mean how often do you think about your womb? This full moon, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to reconnect with your sacred womb space.  

If you’re looking to continue your womb healing, setting an intention is a powerful way to direct positive energy and manifest what you want to create, shift or heal. 

Intention Setting Exercise: 

List all the fears, negative beliefs, doubts, and judgments that have told yourself about your sensuality, sexuality, femininity, or womb space.   

For each fear, negative belief, doubt, or judgment that is preventing you from loving your womb or your divine feminine self, complete the following 3 sentences:  

I.   “I release all fears, beliefs, perceptions, and judgments that: (insert a fear)”  

II.  “I release all need and desire to believe that: (insert same fear as at I.)” 

III. I now instruct my subconscious to completely accept and believe at all levels of my being that: (insert:       how you really want to feel).”

Once you have completed this exercise for each fear, negative belief, doubt, or judgment you’ve identified, you have your intention. At this point, you can go back and read your intention out loud. End by saying the following prayer, or a prayer for your own: 

“Universe, bless my healing work here. Bless me and bless my womb. Bless my soul’s calling to heal. I now open my body and my womb space to receive this healing. I open to see and feel the radical healing of my divine feminine self. I pray to step into my true, radiant and divine feminine power. I pray to be electrified with self-confidence and sensual magic. As I heal myself, may I heal my entire ancestral line: all of the women who came before me and all of the women who may come after me. So be it and so it is. Blessed be.”  

Feel free to make this into a ritual by making tea, lighting candles, bringing in crystals, or reciting your intention prior to silent meditation or a yoga practice. Follow your intuition as far as what speaks to you.

Just click below to access the replay:

It’s here! Your Moon Goddess Workbook