Is it harder to hold onto hope these days? Or are you feeling a much-needed reprieve from trying to conceive?

I’m noticing different women are reacting to the coronavirus and worldwide shutdown in really distinct ways.

Some who were already struggling with anxiety and depression before COVID-19 hit are struggling even more.

Others who were worn out with the constant running around to clinic appointments for blood tests and ultrasounds and even acupuncture are feeling relief that there’s a break, albeit one forced on all of us.

Either way, there’s a lot of uncertainty globally and in your own life…and if you’re trying to conceive, your life was already filled with uncertainty and a loss of control.

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Now there’s the added confusion of whether or not you should even be considering trying to conceive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some health care professionals are cautioning against it, because there’s too much we don’t know about how the virus affects pregnant women and newborns.

​​If you had an IVF or clinic-assisted cycle coming up, you had no choice but to stop.

​​And obviously, if you’re in a location that’s been hard-hit by COVID-19 and you’re afraid of catching the virus or relying on an overtaxed medical system for prenatal care, or if you’ve been advised by your medical practitioner not to get pregnant because doing so would put you or your baby at risk, then you should follow that caution.

But if you feel safe and spacious, maybe even that a new energetic is available to you with the earth’s changed vibration, now could be the perfect time for you.​​

In the fertility groups I visit, the conversations about ovulation kits and timing intercourse are still going strong, and some of my own clients feel at peace about continuing to try.

I am not a medical practitioner and I am not giving medical advice. My counsel, in this as in everything, is to tune in and follow your own inner guidance. ​​​​

So whether you’re continuing to actively try right now or you’re officially taking a break but still want to nurture your fertility wellbeing, over the next week I’ll be offering a series on the 3 BIG contradictions of trying to conceive right now.

Because these are unprecedented times, and the challenges and emotions getting thrown at you can be hard to sort through.

Based on my training as a psychotherapist and what I’m seeing with my fertility clients, we’ll start by examining the contradictions that may be coming up for you at this time.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you there. 🙂

I’ll help you understand:

  • Why you might be feeling relieved and anxious right now (and why whatever you’re feeling is OKAY)
  • Why it might feel like despite a global pandemic and self-isolation, your life hasn’t changed that much
  • How you can use this time (in a gentle and no-pressure way) to nurture your fertility mind, body, and spirit

Want in?


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