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Important question for women who long for intimacy, genuine connection and sexual fulfillment:

What’s the difference between a relationship where your partner listens patiently while you vent about your boss and your mother, tells you you’re beautiful in the morning and when you slip on your heels, and always makes sure your orgasm comes first…

And one where he jumps to problem-solving when all you want him to do is listen, plays video games into the night instead of coming to bed with you, and on the rare occasions when you do have sex, you’re just waiting for it to be over so you can get some sleep??

Your relationship is supposed to be satisfying.

But somewhere along the way you settled.

Valentine’s Day has become a Hallmark holiday for suckers, you have to nag to get any help around the house, you’re lucky if you hear more than “OK” when you ask how his day was, and you can’t remember the last time you felt sexy.

And if something doesn’t change, you’re terrified that the worst could happen:

You might end up turning into your mother.

Someone who is constantly…

Reminding her partner (loudly) of everything he’s doing wrong.

Nagging him to become the kind of man who picks up his socks and makes his own lunch.

Complaining to her friends about how lonely she feels and how she’s been day-dreaming about her high school sweetheart just to feel that spark of passion again.

And confiding to you that your father has never known how to satisfy her in, you know, the bedroom.


God no, not my mother!

If you listen closely, there’s a sad (and mad) voice in your heart telling you…

You deserve better.

You deserve a teammate.

A soulmate.

A lover.

A partner.

And even you are turned off by the nagging / bitching you hear coming out of your mouth lately.

I get it.

You’re longing for intimacy. You have a genuine desire to be held and heard and loved. But when you launch an attack on your partner, even if the motivation behind that attack is a cry for connection, it backfires.

Because your man retreats…

Which makes you even angrier (and honestly, less attractive).

And the cycle repeats: pursuit, withdrawal, pursuit, withdrawal.

Until connection itself starts to feel unsafe.

So why hasn’t any of it worked?

Because in your attempts to be seen, valued, appreciated, partnered, and cherished for your beautiful feminine self…you have been coming at your man from your masculine energy.

And not a healthy masculine, but a combative, controlling, masculine-gone-wrong energy.

And that’s because we women are perpetually disconnected from our “yin” or receptive feminine energy.

You can hardly blame us.

We’ve been slut-shamed and period-shamed. We’ve been laughed at for being “too sensitive.” We’ve been told we’re bitches.

So we toughened up.

We put on our thongs and our boxing gloves and got into the ring of life ready to show ’em what we’re made of.

And it worked! We’re successful business women. We get shit done. We’re lady-bosses and bad-asses, but in the love department, we ain’t so good at lovin’–ourselves, or our partners.

The missing link:

Feminine Power

The feminine is spacious, relaxed and receptive…

The feminine is about being, not doing…

Accepting, not forcing.

Receiving, not controlling.

And the feminine creates a nurturing environment where intimacy can flourish, and where a woman can understand and own her sexual power…and become a lot more attractive to her man.

And not only that, but…

As a woman, you actually have 4 different feminine energies that you cycle through each month.

You innately channel each of these energies through the shifting hormones of your menstrual cycle, in tune with the phases of the moon.

(Now that’s something they don’t teach in sex ed…yet!)

I call them your 4 Goddess Energies: the Go-getter, the Lover, the Enchantress and the Dreamer.

So what exactly are they?


The Go-Getter corresponds with your pre-ovulation week just after you bleed: that time when you’re full of enthusiasm and vitality, growing fuller like the crescent moon. Sexually, you’re all about flirting, quickies, and having fun.

The Lover comes at ovulation, your most emotionally engaged and nurturing time, perfect for nourishing your love life, your relationships, and your creative projects. You’re like the full moon: expansive, bright, vital. Sex is loving, romantic, emotionally connected and sensual.

The Enchantress joins you at your premenstrual week, when you’re getting darker and drawing inward like the waning moon. Sex can be erotic, powerful and passionate.

And the Dreamer is who you are during your period: quiet and internal as the dark moon, open to more mystical, psychic and intuitive experiences than at other times of the month. Sex during this time can be very deep and spiritual.


So what does this mean for your intimate relationship?

It means that once you begin working in harmony with your hormones and harnessing your goddess energies, your relationship will improve 1000% because you’ll know how to:


Build intimacy and closeness rather than being needy and demanding.


Authentically communicate your feelings in a way that your partner can hear you and fulfill your needs.


Attract and feel attracted to your partner throughout your cycle, understanding exactly what kind of sex you want and when.


Stop being so hard on yourself when your period shows up, and instead slow down and relax.


Stand in your feminine power.


Naturally entice your partner into his masculine power.

The result: relationship ecstasy!

“My partner has noticed the shift.”

“Since starting Sensual Magic, I allow myself to notice the things that trigger me (though frankly, less triggers me because of my more relaxed energy!), but instead of pushing and responding to the panicky “I-Need-To-Fix-Everything-Right-Now” energy, I stay gentle with myself and save the work of problem-solving for the Go-Getter phase (after my period). My partner has noticed the shift, but more importantly, I feel happier and more fluid, and life feels easier.”

Genna G.

Give your relationship a double-dose of Sensual Magic

Because I know how much easier my life as a woman would have been if I had learned these skills earlier, I feel passionately called to share the magic of our goddess energies with women everywhere.

I want your intimate partnership to be a playground of passion, pleasure and fulfillment!

And I want you to know and understand your sexual self––intimately.

That’s why I’ve packaged everything I know about working with your 4 goddess energies into a 6-week virtual program called Sensual Magic.

I will show you how to enhance pleasure, rekindle intimacy, and bring the play back into your relationship. With Sensual Magic you’ll discover the joyful pleasure of your sensual femininity.

“It’s opened up a whole new dynamic in our relationship.”

Wow, so I took this course for me primarily because I need as much information as I can get about my cycle but what I have learned is already showing up in little sparkly flashes in my relationship. I am so much more mindful of how he perceives things and how he responds to my energy. I am immensely more grateful for how he loves me because this course opened my eyes to the various ways he shows his love. The most beautiful question he’s asked me this past month is: Where are you in your cycle? Which he then followed up with: And what kind of sex do you prefer at this time? Learning about my cycle and sharing what I’ve learnt with him has opened up a whole new dynamic in our relationship. It’s magic.”

Jasmine S., Edmonton, Canada

In this 6-week program you’ll receive the guidance you need to start harnessing the magical gifts of your sensual feminine energy with skill and confidence….

Here’s what you can expect from the Sensual Magic 6-week virtual program:

Session 1: Explore the Magic of Being a Woman

Our bodies hold the key to unleash the 4 goddess energies that manifest through our menstrual cycles. We have access to these 4 feminine powers through the cyclic nature of our hormones, and they affect every area of our lives: career, home, sexuality and spirit.

I show you how to map the hormonal fluctuations of your menstrual cycle and teach you how your body generates the feminine energy of the:

  • Go-getter (pre-ovulation)
  • Enchantress (pre-menstruation)
  • Lover (ovulation)
  • Dreamer (menstruation)

Session 2: Let Go of Masculine, Controlling Energy and Play with your Feminine Power

Instead of bringing home the directing, results-oriented energy you use at work, I show you how to channel the energy of the Go-getter in your relationship so you can:

  • Transform your communication style from demanding to playful and alluring.
  • Spice up your fun factor and play with your partner (and if it’s foreplay you want, you can ask for it shamelessly when you’re in this energy).
  • Lure your partner into giving you what you want in a way that’s fun for both of you.
  • Use your feminine power to build intimacy and closeness rather than tear you apart.

Session 3: Take Advantage of your Sexual Surge and Rekindle Passion and Intimacy

In this class you’ll learn how your sex drive and your heart are intimately connected — and how to use that connection to build intimacy. When you channel the nurturing energy of the Lover with your partner you can:

  • Tenderly communicate your feelings and allow him to fulfill your needs.
  • Show him how much you care about him through small acts of love.
  • Express your appreciation for how he cares for you.
  • Connect your heart and your body to experience sacred love-making.

Session 4: Connect with your Partner Even When You’re Feeling Vulnerable and Emotional

I walk you through how to channel the often wild and unpredictable energy of PMS to create compassion, intimacy and enchantment.

Did you know the pre-menstrual phase offers unique opportunities for off-the-charts passion?

Most women (and men) miss this.

But when you harness the gifts of the bewitching and sensual Enchantress effectively in your relationship you can:

  • Feel passionate and attractive instead of needy and vulnerable.
  • Open to receive your partner’s support, love and care.
  • Set clear boundaries around your personal time to avoid feeling reactive, resentful and angry.
  • Let your inner vixen out and seduce your partner with your enchanting sensual energy.

Session 5: Surrender to Your Body’s Call for Rest and Relaxation

By slowing down and moving into a more inward place during menstruation, you’ll not only become more receptive to closeness with your partner, you’ll awaken your intuition and prevent painful periods or crazy-making PMS.

I teach you how to surrender to the energy of the Dreamer so you can:

  • Access sensual spaciousness through relaxation and receptivity, and effortlessly draw your partner’s attention, love and support to you.
  • Become very attractive to your partner by letting go of “doing energy” and moving into “being” energy.
  • Allow intimacy to arise naturally through surrendering and letting him nurture you.
  • Release guilt or judgment for taking time out to be still and allow yourself to be comforted and cared for.

Session 6: Q&A session from past participants

To help you integrate all the Sensual Magic principles, you’ll receive an additional class where you can listen to an interactive Q&A call with me and past course participants.

On this 75-minute call you will receive:

  • Answers to your questions about the course material.
  • Guidance on how to apply the Sensual Magic energies to your relationship and in your life.
  • Valuable tools to further your learning and understanding.
  • Ongoing support on how to chart your cycle.

“I feel so much more like myself!”

“I used to think something was wrong with me all the time. I was born a feminine little one into a very masculine family and early on learned there is only value in the masculine. I was always trying sooo hard and having to fight my natural cycles and being so hard on myself. To start giving into the feminine has been a life changer. I feel so much more like myself! I can be so much more productive for the month when I follow my energy cycle instead of trying to force it and getting burnt out. I get soooo much done around the full moon and it’s soo hard for me to do anything around the new moon/my period and it feels luxurious but also soo right to take those days off for myself.”

Katie N, Durham, USA

Plus Receive 4 Special Bonuses…

Bonus #1: Intention Setting: Heal, Shift or Manifest—What Will it Be?

To help you get clear on what you’d like to heal, shift or manifest through the Sensual Magic course, you’ll receive our magical intention setting guide. Through a series of 10 easy-to-follow questions, you will effortlessly craft an intention that you can manifest with ease and grace.

Value: $45

Bonus #2: Guest Coaching + Q&A: with Relationship Coach Shaanen Cross

Relationship Coach Shaanen Cross from Calgary, Alberta is a Guest Speaker in all 5 of our classes. Shaanen shares her expert guidance on applying the Sensual Magic principles to both marriage and dating. And if you don’t yet have the relationship you desire, you’ll get to hear from an expert Sensual Magician on how to apply these principles to attract the best relationship of your life.

Value: $295

Bonus #3: Moon Goddess Yoga Flow: Connect, Heal, Integrate and Practice at Home

I designed this yoga practice especially for women to heal their female bodies and embrace their sensual femininity. At the end of each Sensual Magic class, I will guide you through a 15-minute Moon Goddess yoga & meditation practice. To help you easily continue on your own, you’ll receive a beautifully illustrated Daily Practice Guide for my signature Moon Goddess yoga flow, plus a 40-day meditation for flowing feminine energy.

Value: $95

Bonus #4: 5 Audio Meditations for a Sensual Goddess Glow

Our feminine energy is reflected and mirrored back to us by the moonlight. To help you harness the goddess energies of the moon in relation to your own feminine energy, you will receive 5 audio meditations to listen to at home. Your glow will be gorgeous and undeniable.

Value: $27

The bonuses alone are worth over $450!

Are you ready to start down the path of relationship success by harnessing your feminine gifts?

“I feel more seen and appreciated”

“I was inspired to sign up for Sensual Magic because I wanted to connect more deeply with my beloved, as he once shared that he didn’t feel very masculine within our relationship. It’s a new way of relating for me, as I was stepping a lot of times into my motherly energy as well as my masculine energy. Since Sensual Magic, he’s more spontaneously helpful and more emotionally open. Before he used to be, as per his own words, lazy. If I was showing the initiative or the energy to step forward, he was leaving me to do it. I love leaving him the space to surprise me or help me, to offer me his attention–by things like opening the door for me–and his presence, by looking into my eyes when I talk. I feel more seen and appreciated, not taken for granted or left alone.”

Cristina, Domodossola, Italy

Is this for me?

There are so many programs out there for improving relationship intimacy. How do I know that Sensual Magic will work?

What’s unique about Sensual Magic is that it all starts with your relationship to your female body and some truly magical information about your menstrual cycle that has the power to transform YOU — and from there your relationship and your sex life.

Nowhere else is there a relationship intimacy program that works directly with your menstrual cycle in each of its phases. If the phrases “relationship intimacy” and “menstrual cycle” sound like a crazy combination, that’s because this is knowledge that just isn’t widely known. Yet as you learn to flow with your four different cyclical sex drives and to harness the emotional and physical strengths that come with each phase of your cycle, you will begin to release the masculine “yang” energy so many modern women live in and you will embody your feminine power in ways that will transform your relationship.

Can I afford this?

Perhaps another way of looking at this question is to ask whether your relationship can afford another year of sex that feels like a chore, or more of your mounting resentment as you run yourself ragged trying to hold together all the details of your joint lives. Releasing yourself into the joyful pleasure of your sensual femininity and learning to open to your feminine power will transform the way you feel about yourself and rekindle intimacy between you and your partner — I’ve seen it happen again and again.

As a comparison, you could also hire a private coach to help you get similar results. Working with a coach one-on-one is a great way to get personalized support.


Average $150–$300/hour for at least 3 months = $1,350–$2,700

Everything I walk my private clients through is laid out in this program in the exact same steps. And instead of coaching coming to an end, you have the audios and other content for life.

I’m single. Can I still benefit from this course?

Yes! Sensual Magic is about fully embodying your feminine power and learning to flow in harmony with your body’s natural cycle-wisdom that will be transformational regardless of whether or not you have a partner. With Sensual Magic you can learn to connect with your sensual energy and your body for your own pleasure and empowerment. And if you’d like to attract a partner, learning to be in your feminine essence will only make you naturally more enticing to the masculine.

Do I need to get my husband / boyfriend / partner on board for this to work?

The principles of Sensual Magic are wonderful to share with a receptive partner, but if your guy just isn’t that type, that’s okay. You can show him instead! As you begin to embody your natural sensuality more deeply and let go of stressed-out controlling energy to play with your feminine power (and your inner vixen), he is going to notice! His masculine energy will naturally respond to your unleashed feminine energy, whether or not he’s consciously aware of how or why.

I’m in a queer partnership. Will I benefit from Sensual Magic?

That depends. If one of you is holding more of the masculine energy, and the other one of you more of the feminine energy, then you could really benefit from the program. As you learn how to embody more of your sensual feminine, you can call forward more of the powerful masculine in your partner, regardless of their gender.

Take 10 days & watch your relationship transform.

The best part about Sensual Magic is that you don’t have to wait months or years before seeing a change…


Frustrated after another night of not-so-fulfilling sex?

Where your partner was so focused on his orgasm that you barely felt noticed or cared for?

Take 30 minutes with the magical intention-setting guide to get crystal-clear on what you want to create, shift or heal in your relationship or your sex life — and on exactly what fears and negative beliefs are holding you back. Then follow my step-by-step guidance to create a tailor-made intention that will make you fall back in love with your partner.


Resentful because after a long day at work you’re the one emptying the litter box, making dinner, washing the dishes, nagging him to take out the garbage, and coordinating all the schedules and reservations for next week’s double-date…with his friends?

Put your feet up with Session #2 to learn exactly why bringing the Go-Getter energy home from work — and using it to control the logistics of your relationship instead of channelling it into your own dreams and goals — leads to toxic resentment…and what you can do instead, starting tonight.


Raging with PMS and ready to pack your bags today?

Put the suitcase back in the closet and bring yourself into balance with the Audio Meditation to transcend PMS — then listen to Session #4 and learn why this dark energy is making you into a demanding, aggressive, moody bitch…and how to channel it into becoming a seductive, alluring, and deeply creative enchantress instead.


And on and on — because getting tuned in to your cyclical energies and harnessing your sensual femininity has the power to transform every aspect of your relationship and your life. As long as you’re a self-aware woman who is in a relationship or longs to attract one, you’ll have dozens of opportunities over the next 10 days with Sensual Magic to radically improve the way you’re showing up for your intimate partnership.

“I have the tools.”

“Wow what a roller coaster of emotions! I really feel like I can do this and that I’m slowly shifting into a more loving person instead of trying to have everything under control and nag the *** out of my partner. I signed up because of the need for change now, to feel that beautiful connection with my true self, longing to feel/reconnect to that deep and true love I have inside. Seeing my relationship with my spouse not necessarily falling apart, but not thriving at all. And now I can see a light and I still have a lot of work on myself to do, but I have tools to help me on that journey now, thanks to you for creating Sensual Magic!”

Ariane D, Alouette, Canada

Want a taste of Sensual Magic right now?

In this video, I take you beyond the disconnection in your relationship to solutions you can start using right away: my 5 Secrets to Reclaiming Passion and Rekindling Intimacy!

Even if you’ve been living like roommates.


Even if you feel like you don’t have “it” anymore. 


And even if you don’t currently have a romantic partnership.


You’ll learn:


The #1 thing you can do to feel more attractive and sensual.


The 5 most common intimacy saboteurs and how to avoid them.


Why authentic love for your partner starts with love for yourself (and 5 strategies you can use right away to cultivate self-love).


Essential tips for how to express negative emotions to your partner in a way that builds intimacy rather than tearing you apart.


The most powerful and ancient method for connecting to your feminine energy and embracing your power, sensuality, and wisdom as a woman.

This is what I want most for you: to feel cherished, loved and supported by your partner for life. 

Click ‘play’ on the first class below:


Why Anette said ‘Yes Please!’ to Sensual Magic!

“I’m here because I feel like my husband and I are growing apart. We’ve had a rough last 4 years. My husband got very ill in 2015 and couldn’t work for almost a year, we’ve been trying to get pregnant since he got better and had a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks in August of 2018.

With everything that’s been going on, I feel like we’ve lost each other along the way. Sex feels like a chore, we don’t really flirt anymore and I find myself missing my partner even when he’s right next to me. Everything I read about the Sensual Magic program resonates with me, and I’m really excited to make some changes in myself and my relationship.”

Anette, Norway

I’m ready!

Give me the complete 6-week Sensual Magic program to reawaken passion & rekindle intimacy — plus all the bonuses!


A step-by-step intention-setting guide to heal, shift or manifest


Guest coaching with relationship coach Shaanen Cross


Guided 15 mins of Moon Goddess yoga & meditation practice at the end of every session


Beautifully illustrated guide for my signature practice Moon Goddess


5 audio meditations for a Sensual Goddess Glow

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Bring on the magic…


“For the first time I felt ‘juicy’ again.”

“I am halfway through the Sensual Magic course and I have to say I am loving it. I have started to take on the lesson of appreciating all the little things my man does for me instead of focusing on the “lack.” And he can feel it. The energy is flowing more vibrantly between us as he feels appreciated. So that is a great one.

Last time we had sex (as I have not been enjoying it very much for a while) I have tried to inhale and invite all of life and exhale to offer my whole being… in that case to him but also to the universe. It was really magic and for the first time I felt “juicy” again. It will take some practice I’m sure, but step by step we will get there.”

Carina B., Ibiza, Spain

“I feel supported and connected to my feminine nature.”

Sensual Magic is a true delight–a delicious treat for my soul! I feel supported and connected to my feminine nature, and I’m reminded that when I embrace my cycles, they offer wisdom, peace and empowerment, rather than the challenges I experience when I fight them.”

Jen Y., Pennsylvania

“Helped me to channel my energy.”

This course has helped me to channel my energy and build the awareness and confidence I needed to create the life and relationship that I have always dreamed of. I only needed to knock on that door and the Yoga Goddess herself was there to answer with open arms. Thank you Zahra!

Sarah Z., Toronto

“Gave me strength.”

“Because of the tension in my marriage, I needed to learn to get in touch with my female energy without fear, doubt or regret. It was inspiring to see ‘real’ women stepping into their feminine power and essence. This course touched me deeply because we got to share our sorrows, challenges, hopes and dreams in such an open and honest way. Learning from Zahra and Shaanen how to embrace our vulnerabilities gave me strength to embrace my own.”

Nieves Sancho, Toronto

For best results, think of this training as you would think of a high level coaching relationship: undertake it with full commitment, and you may see incredible results —  but none are promised or guaranteed. We’ve made every effort to accurately represent what you’ll receive inside Sensual Magic and to describe the effect these teachings can have on your sex life, your relationship with your partner and your beautiful feminine self. However, we make no guarantee of results, nor should you interpret the “Magic” in “Sensual Magic” to mean that actual supernatural events will occur. In reality, “Magic” describes the very real feeling a woman can have when her cyclical nature is revealed to her, as well as the mysterious way her man can start to embody his masculine energy in response to her own stepping into feminine energy.

Where a testimonial suggests results, you shouldn’t expect the same results unless you have exactly the same personality, circumstances, commitment to implementation, and intimate relationship as the testimonial-giver. All statements on this page are meant to express our opinion of the potential for transformation in your intimate partnership and in your relationship with your sensual femininity.

But what’s actually going to happen when you close the bedroom door? Well, that is up to you, sexy goddess!