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Thank you so much to all of you who joined me live for the Full Sap Moon meditation! Together we bathed in the revitalizing March moon rays of Pink and White. 

If you weren’t available at the live cast time or you’re just joining us now, don’t worry – I’m including the recording below, and you can watch the replay as soon as you’re ready.

The Full Sap Moon, named for the sap that begins to flow in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year, is a sign that mother earth is awakening from her winter sleep and transitioning to Spring/Maiden season. The Maiden brings with her the energy of rebirth, new enthusiasm, mental clarity and physical vigour. Yet, the energetic change from Winter to Spring doesn’t occur overnight and that’s why I posed the following questions:

Where in my life am I frozen and need to thaw? Where would I like to have more energy flowing as we transition into the Spring? 

The Moon Deck’s recent blog post (Full Moon: Libra Leads us to Harmony), about the astrology behind this moon, allows us to delve deeper in this exploration. Libra is all about balance and harmony. Even though harmony is a natural state, as humans, we can easily become out of touch, sometimes even disconnected, from nature, from those we’re in relationship with, and even with ourselves. This moon (Moon in Libra) has even been called the relationship moon by some astrologers.

So whether you’re feeling out of balance in your relationship with self or with another or both, I recommend you set aside some time to journal with these questions, from the Moon Deck’s post. They’ll help you dig deeper to discern what you can release to make way for fresh new energy and opportunities (especially if you’re sensing stagnation):

  • How do I talk to myself?
  • What are my thoughts throughout the day?
  • What am I giving my energy to?
  • Are there choices I am making, consciously or habitually, that are detracting from my energy rather than restoring or adding to it?

During the live cast I shared that I, too, am revisiting a past romantic relationship- one that I never in a million years would have expected to re-emerge!

We met twenty years ago in Mexico City and as you can imagine a lot of life has happened since then. Because this moon is all about reassessing relationships, it feels like a magical opportunity for me, to revisit this relationship that flowed out of my life 15 years ago. You can hear more about it in the live cast, but it’s been a process of letting go of the relationship we had and who we were in our 20’s, and allowing space for a new relationship that’s relevant to who we are today. Here’s a picture of us then and now.

Further journaling with these questions from the Moon Deck’s post, will help you to discern what you can release or shift, specifically in regard to your relationships:

  • Am I honoring my needs inside of this relationship?
  • Am I honoring my partner’s needs?
  • Do I give myself alone time?
  • Am I fully expressing myself to my partner? 

Take a look at what is serving and no longer serving you in your relationships. I’m curious to see what all of you will unearth through your process.  

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Just click below to access the replay: