This year we have a full moon for Samhain — and it's a blue moon, and it’s the second-last Worldwide Womb Blessing of 2020.

It’s an incredible convergence of energies, one we want to be sure to harness!

You can do that right here in the video below.

The full moon in Taurus, the blue moon, Samhain, the Earth’s Enchantress energy (in the Northern Hemisphere), and the gathering together of over 200,000 women on the path of female awakening worldwide:

It’s a potent energetic and celestial time right now. 

Blue moons (the second full moon in one month) are rare — thus the phrase “once in a blue moon.”

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is a transmission of sacred feminine energy. Five times a year, hundreds of thousands of women worldwide connect to walk a path of female healing and return to their long-forgotten authentic femininity — for their own healing and for the healing of the world. 

Samhain (pronounced sow-en) is an ancient festival marking the beginning of the darker half of the year, a time of death and rebirth, endings and release. 

It’s a mystical night when the veil between the earthly world and the spirit world is said to be thinnest. 

It’s our invitation into the darkness — and into the insight and transformation that can come from that.

And it’s now — from the evening of October 31 to the evening of November 1. 

Today's Full Moon in Taurus is about liberation, evolution, and breaking free. 

As you prepare to meditate with the replay below, I invite you to begin pondering…

  • What in your life are you breaking free from? 
  • In which areas of your life do you need liberation? 

Here’s what'll happen when you click play on the video below:

  • We’ll start by connecting with all the women who’ve come together live, forming our worldwide virtual circle as we introduce ourselves and share what’s brought us here.
  • I’ll guide you through receiving the Worldwide Womb Blessing energies.
  • We’ll meditate to heal our matrilineal line through the Healing the Mother Ancestors meditation.
  • We'll meditate with the Earth-Yoni Blessing.
  • We’ll share what came up for us during the meditation, supporting and virtually holding our sisters.

Here's a checklist of what to have ready so you can get the full experience of the Worldwide Womb Blessing:

  • 2 bowls to be your Womb Bowls, one for water and one to place a candle in
  • A tea candle to light and place in the second bowl if safe to do so
  • Drinking water to be placed in the other bowl
  • A small doll (if you happen to have one) to represent your maternal ancestors, plus a length of white string (optional)
  • A comfortable place to sit
  • A shawl
  • Something nice to eat afterward
  • A pen and paper to journal

Just click play on the video below to take advantage of this rare confluence of sacred energies:

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