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When I first started working with Sadia she felt hopeless and defeated (unexplained infertility can do that!)

“I mourned every time my bleeding began and had no connection to my cycles or feminine wisdom.
I blamed myself for being broken by failing at the natural gift of childbearing. I was filled with doubt that my body would ever be capable of conceiving and successfully carrying a pregnancy to term.”

Working closely we cleared away those negative beliefs. Even when it got hard, I held the space to help Sadia reconnect with her body’s wisdom and cycles in a renewed way:

“Sometimes it felt frustrating and defensive but you helped me work through it and lay down the barriers and fears that I was holding onto including childhood trauma, other people’s baggage, and the fact that I was hiding from my own self.”

We knew the healing process was working beautifully when:

“I felt a lost sense of peace and joy return to me irrespective of pregnancy and I was happy to just be me- not pregnant- not trying- just me living in the present.”

The biggest shift was when Sadia let go of the fear of failing:

“Our work together helped me change how I viewed the process of having a baby and helped me release the sense of longing and desperation and hopelessness that started to consume me cycle after cycle, by the end I was grateful for my periods as the chance for a new cycle beginning instead of crying in the bathroom with defeat.”

She became friends with her body:

I learned to listen to the wisdom within and to trust myself and my body. I discovered parts of me that had been suppressed for a very long time, reconnected to them and I feel whole.

And she conceived:

“I was able to successfully get pregnant- it happened just after the moment in our work together when I finally felt the true joy of just being myself and I surrendered everything else to destiny, it happened.”

That’s her gorgeous daughter Soraya. She is now walking and she has a new baby brother too!

But Sadia had her reservations about working with me:

“I was concerned whether I could afford it and if it was worth the money. I also worried if this would be one more desperate goose chase- another fad to try. And that my science brained partner wouldn’t understand or appreciate how important the spiritual work or holistic approach is to me and my well being- so he wouldn’t be supportive.”

What would she say to you if you’re on the fence about signing up for one-on-one coaching with me and have the same hesitations?

“I would tell any woman that it is worth it not only for the outcome of pregnancy (which is huge!) but for the gift of reconnecting with oneself and finding the joy and wisdom within. This program was the biggest and perhaps most precious gift to myself and before it got me to pregnancy it returned me to myself and a revealed a happier more whole version of me to my partner. Without those steps, I wouldn’t be able to give to my baby or my partner the fullest version of myself which is what they deserve and what I deserve. Even before pregnancy happened I finally felt that I no longer want to be any other person but myself and I felt genuinely happy, contented and free and that is priceless.”

I would love for you to be my next success story! Apply to work with me as your private fertility coach.

It’s free to apply, and you’re in no way obligated to enroll. But you do need to feel ready to invest in yourself and your healing!

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